Cosy noses bed & breakfast

1535 locust avenue
Bohemia, NY 11752

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  • 1. Never been here but.....

    by: Ickkymez

    I used to work at a vet. We didn't do a lot of boarding but we did some. We were a smaller facility and since we didn't do a lot of boarding we were able to give the dogs and cats boarding a little extra attention. On the holidays when the boarding would be greater and we had to turn away clients, a lot of them used Cozy Noses (so in turn we recommended them as well). I never ever heard anything bad about them. All the clients that used them were very happy with their services. The way the dog came home happy and relaxed and let's face it. When you go away, your dog really feels the pain. They miss you AND if you up root them and stick them in a kennel. That is a lot of stress for a dog. But for Cozy Noses they deal with this situation great because the animals are always happy when they come home.


    Dogs were happy while staying there


    Took business away from my