Cosmo Dog Park

2502 E. Ray Road
Gilbert, AZ

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Fun and relaxing dog park

    by: LilyandIsaac

    I was puppy sitting a 9 month old Pointer and he LOVED to run in the large play area and then splash in the little lake. Also, my recent rescue, a 12 year old little dog, liked to run around in the yard for small/aged/shy dogs. It is annoying when people bring their dominant/aggressive/intact dogs. I like this part because it is so close, but I have been peed on by someone's dog AND seen tons of mounting by intact males. So, like anywhere, the location can be great but there are always people who don't follow etiquette.


    Separate areas for old/shy dogs


    People who don't pick up poo

  • 2. My dogs beg to go to this park

    by: lindsmor

    My dogs love to swim in the summer. This is a great place for them to exercise and play and not get overheated. They are older and swimming is less painful for them than running on the hard ground. They get to fetch the ball in the water, their two favorite things to do.


    Nice swimming pond


    people who don't scoop poop

  • 3. Love the park, hate the ignorant people

    by: spoileddogz

    I bring my dogs here a lot...I see people turn there backs on there dogs when they go to the bathroom, they don't clean up after there pets. People should keep there little dogs or timid dogs OR 1st time park dogs in the small dog area. ALL dogs that go to the park should be spayed & neutered...Too many people don't pay attention to there dogs & the fighting that they start with unfixed dogs...If your pets are aggressive leave!!! I can go on...


    Dogs love it


    People dont pick up after there pets

  • 4. Dog will swim!

    by: Megszoo

    Not many places that my goldie can go swimmin, so this park is our fav.! Also the agility structures are great fun! I notice that lots of folks don't pick up their dog's poop...well it's not going to pick itself up....


    Lake!!! Lake!!!! Lake!!!!