Corvallis Cat Care

620 N.w. 4th St.
Corvallis, OR 97330

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. CCC

    by: devinh

    Dr. Sharon Forster-Blouin and staff at Corvallis \nCat Care are the best I have ever found. \nDr. Blouin and her staff are very sensitive to the needs\nof the cats and their owners; they are very persistent when necessary to solve unusual problems; excellent at handling cats from extremely shy to very difficult; and very good at education. Everything they do is very well thought out in advance. Dr. Blouin gives the best standard exams of any I have seen, thorough and verbal.


    Vet and staff are the best I have ever found.



  • 2. Compassionate Care For Your Cats

    by: diannafisher

    The reception area is comfortable with lots of magazines and a resident clinic cat. The exam rooms all have Feliway and wood tables with towels rather than cold metal tables. Each exam room has a window seat with large windows for the cats to sit in and watch the birds at the feeders outside. The equipment is state of the art. Very knowledgeable and very friendly staff who know your pets names and ask about them when you run into them around town! \n\nDr. Blouin doesn't run an assembly line service. She spends time with your cats and observes them while they watch the birds outside. She doesn't just examine them, she pets them and gains their trust. I can't imagine bringing my cats anywhere else.


    Cats only!


    Parking can be a problem