Cortland community spca

879 mclean road
Cortland, NY 13045
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Great people

    by: SPCAmomma

    We foster for this shelter and the support we are given is great. It has given my whole family an opportunity to learn to help out and care for animals. I just wish we could make the dog kennel area more inviting.


    great staff,cat room upgrades look good


    dog room needs a make-over!

  • 2. The Best they can

    by: koolbloo14

    This shelter is in need of help. The staff works diligently to provide the best care possible on a low budget. The rooms are small but the animals are healthy. They have a foster care program that introduces the animals to people and gets them ready for adoption. They are working to earn more money with can and bottle drives and donations. The shelter is in need of more space for their animals to play, but, for now, a few kind hearts is all it takes to keep the place open to help animals in need.


    Caring and knowledgable staff, management of resources


    small building, low funds

  • 3. amazingly clean shelter

    by: mollyrivera

    they do so much with what they have and considering the delapidated and inadequate state of the building it is kept exceptionally clean.


    The people that work here love the animals but are also nice to talk to.


    They need a makeover bad!

  • 4. Great, hard working shelter!

    by: cfeissner

    This is a good shelter with a hardworking staff that is doing the best they can to care for the animals in a small out dated building and the constant shelter problem on not enough money.


    Shelter that has an active Spay/Neuter Program


    Small old building in need of update

  • 5. Your support nneeded here!

    by: MrDittosMom

    Staff and volunteers came through in force to handle hundreds of cats rescued from a hoarder/collector. with help from the city, they set up a temporary off-site shelter to care for the rescued cats staffed with tireless staff and volunteers.


    no-kill shelter


    not enough space for the demand

  • 6. Trying their hardest!

    by: froggyhugger2

    This SPCA has a great staff, but has sruggled with money forever. Right now, we can only rely on donations to keep this place up and running. The donations that are being received are small and there are not a lot of them. Cortland County SPCA needs so much help!


    Great staff, they are amazing


    Relying only on donations

  • 7. Really good shelter that needs help!!

    by: Miniac1

    This shelter has been in existance since the 1800's and has always struggled. They are no-kill and take wonderful care of their charges. They continue to offer wonderful service to the community with little to no financial support from that same community. A make over would mean so much to them! Please help. Donate anything you can, even if it's just a little of your time.


    Great with the animals, clean and bright


    Not supported by the community & in desperate need of financial assistance.