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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Great Service

    by: shortg2006

    Our puppy got in a bottle of benadryl and we didnt know how much was in there. we called and and they got him right in!! im really impressed.


    Reliable, fast acting,


    nothing really

  • 2. Great for emergencies or serious health problems

    by: AlysaAnn

    They are great for emergencies or specialized health problems. That is if you have the $$ -- they can save or prolong your animals life while other veterinarians might not be able to. I give them 5 stars for this area. I do have issues with their Community Practice Service for routine health care and follow-up visits that are not referred to another unit. It is expensive even though only a 4th year student examines your animal (no vet). Over the years taking various animals there I have ended up with good students and not-so-good students. I understand they are getting the student ready for their own practice but without a Dr. overseeing diagnosis IN THE ROOM instead of POSSIBLY watching via video camera, I think much is missed - both for the student and the customer. It is also very aggravating if your animal has a prolonged issue - each visit or follow-up phone call you get another rotating student. You and your pet suffer from the loss of continuity. I give this section 3 stars.\r\n\r\n


    Good specialists


    Community practice rotating students

  • 3. Excellent care

    by: forgensi

    I had my dog treated with cancer there. Although I had to make this long drive almost weekly in the end, it was well worth it to me. It gave me time to deal with my dog's inevitable dying. Recommended.


    State of the art and lucky to be somewhat close to it


    2-1/2 hr drive for me and I spent $$$$$$ money there

  • 4. Best Vet referral

    by: dmcphers

    Having taken a number of our cats to Cornell we have been very pleased overall with everything. The only downside is having to go through the student/intern/resident/clinician/head resident cycle which is time condsuming and very stressful for the pet. However, the is the way these young vets are going to learn and we understand this.


    latest and best treatments


    wait time

  • 5. excellent vets and staff

    by: JCSPCAVet

    Being a Cornell grad, I am biased, but I also have the inside scoop. The vets at Cornell are some of the best in the nation, and often are the world-expert in their field. The nursing staff is top-notch as well, and of course they have all the resources available to handle anything from the most basic to the most complicated case. If your pet needs to be here, that is where they will get the absolute best care.


    best care around



  • 6. Excellent Vet Clinic for Rabbits

    by: MikeScone

    The Cornell Clinic is where all the local vets call for help. I've brought Scone MacBunny in there twice for bouts of statis, and they've been great. He's never happy to see a vet, but they seem to know and like rabbits and take very good care of him.


    Available 24/7 - National Reputation - Caring staff