Contra costa county animal services department - martinez shelter

4800 imhoff place
Martinez, CA 94553
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  • 1. Now what was their original mission?

    by: shakira2

    CCCAS in Martinez is horrible! I had a particularly bad experience at the spay and neuter clinic. In a previous visit for my other cat, while the spaying procedures seemed to have been done in a fairly professional manner (eventhough no aftercare instrucs. were sent home with my cat) the clerk at the front counter and overall admin. of the spay/neuter clinic for my other cats was a nightmare. When I arrived with my two cats to have spayed and neutered, the large squat heavy set blonde at the recep. counter, who was flat out rude and took her job way too seriously, first insisted on charging me for a late cancellation fee from over a year ago, and then refused to let my husband pay for the procedure when he picked them up at 3:00. Eventhough my cats were already checked in and anesthetized at that point, they refused to carry out the procedure unless payment was received upfront. He even called them and spoke to the clinic''s supervisor who also refused to payment after. It's obvious they care more about streamlining their bureacracy more than their original mission which I thought was controlling cat/dog overpopulation. It's also amusing yet sad to see that they can afford to build a very posh animal services facility with lovely landscaping (compare to Berkeley Animal Shelter) but refuse to enact a no kill policy and were the first clinic to run out of funds for the free spay/neuter clnic. I guess they do have their priorities--just not in favor of the animals. I will never use their service again and am having my cats fixed at Abby Pet Hospital. I don't care that it will cost $50.00 more.


    Beautiful building, landscaping, gorgeous lobby


    animals are secondary to efficient bureacracy and nice building