Connecticut humane society-waterford shelter

P.o box 41
Quaker hill , CT 06375

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  • 1. Animals Shelter "Heven"

    by: LexiJulienne

    When my family found newborn kittens in our backyard we kept them as long as we could. One day my mom decided we should take them to the Waterford Humane Society so they could get a home on that weekend because they were having a big event where they would bring animals to get adopted. When we brought them inside they had animals in cages so you could see and look at the animals. Here is the con, the lady who took the kittens away from us to put them in the back wasn't welcoming, didn't let me and my 7 year old sister say goood bye to them, and didn't seem to want to asnswer my questions. I found it also rude when my mom asked for a volunteer application and asked if I could volunteer and when they said no my mom asked another lady if there was paper work she could fill out but the lady almost ignored our question by saying nope not here when she hadn't even looked. I thought that was a little ride but for the rest it was fine.


    Very well kept


    Some volunteers....not so welcoming