Connecticut humane society - newington

701 russell road
Newington, CT 06111

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  • 1. Helping Themselves, not animals

    by: ItpoopsIscoop

    Newington Humane Society is a PRIVATE CHARITY however with the funding they recieve from various sources and ammount of assistance provided they should not be allowed ANY charity status. With millions sitting in the bank, local shelters over flowing, the economy in the pit, folks losing their homes you'd THINK they'd find someway to give back to the community. Well the Fox Memorial Clinic that was supposed to be designed for low income residents is only affordable to middle class people looking for a break on vet bills. While local shelters are overflowing, owners try to surrender pets, rescue INDIVIDUALS looking for ANY help this "charity" is importing animals from outta state! Are we short of homeless animals? Or do they make a profit for trucking other states problems into CT? I vote no more charity status for this org. They act like a corperation, let's treat them like one.




    No Help, Expensive Fox Clinic, Imports