Community animal rescue & adoption (cara)

960 north flag chapel road
Jackson, MS 39209
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Lots of Large dogs

    by: GinaL

    I love CARA - my work place has collected for them numerous times and I often sell homemade dog biscuits to raise additional funds for them. They have a large number of large size dogs which are difficult to adopt out. Being an owner of two large dogs I hate to see this happen. They are a "no kill" shelter and certainly love all of their animals. I just wish they would hold more fundraisers throughout the year to keep their donations coming in steady. They have come close to shutting down more than once due to lack of funding, but you often don't here about them until then.


    Do there best to take in as many as possible


    Don't market themselves enough to keep donations coming in

  • 2. Cara-

    by: kmarbury

    Cara has a big heart. They take in any and all animals and work very hard to feed and care for animals that have been discarded, abused, neglected and mis-treated so that they have every chance in the world to find a new and better home. They have worked wonders with these animals and care for them like they must care for their own pets. It must be a good feeling to know at the end of the day that you worked so hard and actually did a good service. On behalf of our community, Thank you, Cara! You are appreciated.


    Never turns anyone away


    none that I know of

  • 3. Great No-Kill Shelter

    by: addyboy

    CARA is No-Kill shelter in clinton that does whatever they can to take care of any animal brought to them. They go out of there way to do what they can do, I used to volunteer there a couple years ago so I know what it's like. I've even adopted a dog from there that I knew needed a good home, right now CARA is in desperate need for money and is asking for any and all donations.


    no kill shelter, caring staff


    because of lack of funding, kind of unclean

  • 4. Excellent No-Kill Shelter

    by: cathy613

    This is a wonderful shelter with caring staff who make every effort to ensure happy, healthy forever homes for their animals.





  • 5. Super People & Really Care About These Animals!

    by: mjfulgham

    This shelter is a No Kill Shelter and goes out of their way to raise money to keep things going and their animals happy. \r\nThey also screen their "new parents to be" very carefully to insure that the adopted pets will be a good match for the family and the family for the pet. This step is so important! \r\nWe should be so grateful for a Pet Shelter like CARA in our area and help, give or donate in any way we can. Even if it's a used kiddy pool for the Momma dogs to have their puppies or old blankets & towels - they will always be appreciative!


    No Kill Shelter


    Needs More Room & Resources to care for more animals in need!

  • 6. Helping Animals

    by: lambrhondal

    Based on the review, here is another group of wonderful people being kind to the furbabies. It makes me feel so good to read how other shelters are making a difference in their communities. Folks, keep up the good work!


    Saving Animals



  • 7. Very Caring

    by: lilylola

    I think CARA is an amazing organization. Their goal\r\nis to provide the best care for the dogs and cats until they find their forever home.


    No Kill