Community Animal Hospital of Shrewsbury

15 Clews Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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  • 1. My story will tell you exactly what kind of people they are.

    by: ZekeWinslowMom

    Our beloved Zeke passed away on September 21, 2009. He was the love of our lives. He was 16 years old. We adopted him at the Worcester pound when he was 3.5, 12.5 years ago. he was a perfect little boy. He brought us so much joy and unconditional love. Zeke was couldn't walk during his last days. I called our vet of 12.5 years, Abbott. I needed something to give Zeke for his pain so that i could bring him in to be seen. I was told they couldn't help me, to call a Dr. Fine, a mobile vet. I had already called and the voicemail said that she wasn't taking patients. Zeke needed help. I brought him to Dr. Link at CAV in Shrewsbury. She was kind and so compassionate. I told her that i needed to keep Zeke comfortable until my husband got home on Saturday. (it was Wednesday.) She gave Zeke some meds and we had a wonderful last weekend with him. He passed that Monday at CAV. Dr. Nicole Freeman was his vet that day. She was warm, kind, understanding, gentle, and compassionate. We just received a hand written sympathy card from Dr. Link and her staff. It meant the world to us. We had spent thousands at Abbott's. but they were rude and not helpful when our baby boy needed them most. Thank God for CAV in Shrewsbury. If you love your pet as much as we did, consider switching to this vet. Zeke, I'm sorry that we didn't take you there sooner. You always deserved the best!


    Most compassionate people on this planet!!!!!


    absolutely NOTHING


    by: Jakes2Dads

    This has to be THE VET to use in our area! We used to go to another local facility (reccommended by a web site spefically for our breed), until the day Jake went in, and the Vet, not the Technician, freely announced that they had been in a bad situation with a rottie, and held deep fear of the breed! Dr. Morana is SUPERB! She is always gentle, and genuine when providing our "son" with his needed medical care.\r\n\r\nThe Technicians are all very competent, and just as gentle and genuine in the level of care!\r\n\r\nThe Receptionists, well, they just like the way Jake just wants to cuddle all the time!


    easeof appointment, level of care, costs, knowledge of breed


    when we find one, we're sure it will be a very tiny detail

  • 3. How veterinarians can bring happiness and help to your life.

    by: DJA

    I've been going to Community Animal Hospital since it opened in 2000 and DR. Morana was our vet at another animal hospital before she opened her own\r\n\r\nI bring all my pets here and they also have a Inn and Spa!\r\n\r\nAll the staff is sensitve and caring.\r\n


    Friendly, knowledgeable, animal loving staff