Comfort Inn Boston Heights

6731 Industrial Parkway
Boston Heights, OH 44236

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  • 1. BEWARE of questionable billing!!!!

    by: ztT4MP32140978

    Stayed here for 1 night, was billed for 2! This has NEVER happened to me before as I travel ALL the time...NOR did the manager attempt to make ANYTHING right!!!!! I checked out at noon (so states MY front-desk printed and SIGNED receipt) and continued to my next appointment. When my credit card bill arrived CI-BH had billed me for two nights! CI-BH insisted I left something in the room - per housekeeping, so they could not re-sell the room! You would think that the front desk advises housekeeping that the room has been vacated as the has guest checked out ON TIME! Had I left something should the hotel not attempted to return whatever I "left in the room'? I never missed anything nor did they ever try to contact me that I had left something in the room!? Could it not be that Housekeeping FORGOT to clean the room or mistook which room they were referring to? How could Housekeeping remember a MONTH later on which date what happened in which room? Nothing is mentioned on the 'copy' of the bill they reprinted!! Additionally would think if I 'had' left something they would have the item to return to me and attempt to return it to me as they felt they HAD TO charge me for an extra night. When you check in they take your phone numbers! Nothing was ever returned nor identified....I paid an extra $60+, the manager ASSUMED I was not telling the truth, never called back and when I requested a copy of the bill he merely sent a computer-push-the-buttons variety ....obviously not the one I had SIGNED and is archived in one of their boxes! I made the mistake of paying with MasterCard - who also did NOTHING!...American Express would at least have gone to bat for me! A sleazy operation!!!!... I have been a CHOICE member for MANY years, travel globally and have NEVER had such problems..... so BEWARE of THIS sneaky operations!!!




    questionable practices, manager unavailable and does not call back!