Combs Veterinary Clinic

6349 W State Rd 45
Bloomington, IN 47403

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Scary!

    by: nanseasm

    I have heard that Combs possibly is no longer in charge of this Vet clinic so it may very well be a great place to go to now. I had a horrible experience. I had been paying for regular vacinations at Combs Vet Clinic only to find out that the heart worm shot was not being given as they said it was! I'm not sure what else I wasn't getting that I was paying for, but this was caught because my little girl got heart worms. This was a horrible experience, she still has shocked muscles on her back that will never go away because of the multiple shots she had to have. The treatment takes a year and a half to complete and for the first six months she was not allowed to run, jump or get excited in anyway because, I was told, the increased heart rate can cause the medicine to enter too quickly and she could die. ANYWAY, she is fine now. Also, the vet that I went to to administer treatment told me he gets lots of people from Combs. Once this happened to me and I started to talk about it, I heard story after story. I have never heard so many bad stories about one vet clinic! My story was pale in comparison to MOST. Oh and I did contact Combs about this, thinking he would fix the problem and apologize, but not once did he apologize, infact he had me in tears because he was so rude and unsympathetic. The sad thing is, he was a family friend - I cant even imagine how he treats the families he doesnt like!!


    nice tech staff


    Scary Mistakes

  • 2. Saved Our Dog's Life

    by: leeann812

    Combs Vet Clinic has taken care of our pets for over a decade. We now have 6 dogs and 1 senior cat being routinely cared for. On night my older (25yr.) daughter noticed her neighbor Pit Bull puppy very sick. The owner had not taken care of the puppy and she was dying. She was told the dog had parvo. That night she became the new owner of the puppy. Dr. Pruit at the Comb's Clinic met us outside and performed her form of caring assessment of one frightened and weak dog. It was not the dreaded disease, it was worms! Treated succesfully! Thanks Combs.


    Friendly,separate dogs and cats, prompt, excellent care



  • 3. excellent

    by: rgd616

    vary clean, very friendly staff, very patience




    expensive boarding fees

  • 4. Good vet

    by: lizard1180

    I switched to this vet after having a terrible experience with another vet. I heard rave reviews about Combs from multiple people, which is why I chose to switch here. They have a clean and beautiful facility with separate dog/cat entrances. It's easy to get an appointment and they have good hours (including evenings and Saturdays). The vets have been very friendly and generally helpful. I was also pleased to get a free pet ID card in the mail (it includes a photo and other information) about my cat after my last visit. I did have one problem with the vet and vet tech not being able to administer a shot to one of my cats; I would have hoped that the two of them could catch him and give the shot, but they eventually gave up because he was so distressed. Other than that fluke, it has been a great vet clinic.


    Friendly staff, great facility, great hours


    Not all vet techs are super

  • 5. Great Vet

    by: melissasilvers

    I had some emergencies with my pets when my regular vet was closed. They scheduled us right away. They were so nice when our cat was having seizures and was dying. They didn't recommend unnecessary tests or emergency vet clinics. We needed to put her to sleep and they waited for my husband to get there to say good bye. I highly recommend them.


    stay open late


    far from home

  • 6. Great Vet Care

    by: kyockey

    I've been taking my animals to Combs for many years now and love the service I get. Everyone is friendly and knowledgable and I know my pets are getting top notch healthcare! I recommend Combs to anyone in the Bloomington, IN area.


    Professional, knowledgable staff