Columbus Veterinary Emergency Service

300 East Wilson Bridge Road
Worthington, OH 43085

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. They are always there

    by: lablover60

    Last summer, we had a litter of pups with Parvo. It was a challenge to keep up with 5 very sick pups. Our vet ran out of IV Solution over the weekend for them. It was critical to keep the fluids going. After some calling around, they had it and gave it to us for a fair price. I will always remember how kind they were to us. We did loose the litter, but it wasn't from lack of trying by the our foster and vet


    Bailed us out



  • 2. These folks make you and your pet feel at home and special

    by: JulieKaySmiths0n

    When your dog is losing his sight and you've gotten one evaluation and are seeking the second, at least with the first diagnosis of late-onset PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), there's that hope that maybe the first place was wrong. \r\n\r\nI took Wiggles Blue Heeler to Med Vet / Columbus Emergency Veterinary Service hoping against hope that they'd tell me they could help his sight, but it wasn't to be. Heredity held the hole card. \r\n\r\nHowever, they encouraged me to chin up and not let it bother me, because they explained that it wasn't bothering Wiggles, that he was getting the time needed to adjust and that if we looked at it as an opportunity to learn and turn what some might have called a hard knock into an opportunity, we'd be just fine. What a great team of doctors and staff! \r\n\r\nTwo paws up!


    professional, friendly, courteous, clean, bright


    none known

  • 3. They're there when you need them.

    by: margenew

    Ten o'clock on a Saturday night is not an ideal time to be looking for vet care, but the professionals at MedVet were there for Bootsy and me last weekend. The staff, from the front desk to the vet, were very caring and yet professional. Simply talking to them relieved some of my panic and they gave Bootsy excellent care. I was pleased to see that they contacted our regular vet about the problem.\r\n\r\nThey had told my on the phone that their initial charge to see Bootsy would be $97.00 and that all other services would be extra. That seemed a bit high to me, but I guess no emergency room treatment comes cheap. The additional charges were very reasonable and the antibiotic we went home with was the least expensive I've ever bought.\r\n\r\nAll in all, I would not hesitate to refer anyone there for an emergency visit.


    24 hour accessibility, excellent care



  • 4. Emergency Services and more

    by: peytonplace2001

    I have been taking Hrothgar to Medvet since Jan. 2007. He has mass cell tumors. Dr. Lisa Fulton and her team have always been there for me thru all his treatments. They are quick to call me back if I have a concern or question.\n\nThe whole staff at Medvet is very nice. But I have to mention Hrothgar's favorite person is Patty. She is either behind the front counter or out talking to folks in the lobby. Hrothgar always gets Patty to rub his belly and a few treats from her.\n\nI have also used the emergency services at Metvet. One of my dogs, Harlem, got bit by a bug or something and his face swelled up. I went straight to Medvet as it was a holiday and the local vets were closed. They were great with Harlem and also in calming me down. Many months later, Harlem passed away in July 2007. Seems Harlem had lung cancer which was found out too late to do anything to help him. Again, Medvet stepped up, explained what we could do to make him comfortable until his time to go.\n\nMedvet and the Emergency Services is a wonderful place to go and I would and have recommended them.


    Staff is very caring, understanding and the place is easy to get to.


    usually get put on hold for a short period of time if not an emergency