Columbiana county dog pound

8455 county home rd
Lisbon, OH 44432
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. CCDP Needs Help!

    by: jazzaroosky

    I adopted one of my dogs from the pound several months ago. She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met, without a doubt. She was days away from euthanasia. \n\nHer coat was a solid mat and she had feces stuck in it as well as urine scald around her tail. She had a severe cough and needed to be seen by a vet ASAP. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, CCDP cannot afford to have each and every dog that comes in checked at the vet's. I do wish that someone would have taken the time to at least shave those mats away from poor Katie's skin....there was absolutely no salvaging her fur and we took her in to our vet the very next morning following her adoption. The poor girl was a mess, but she's since improved and is back to being happy, healthy, and loved very, very much.\n\nI found Katie via Petfinder. The posting said she was available for adoption the very next day, so that morning I woke up early to drive the 3 hours north to see her and try to adopt her. But when I got there, I was told the warden didn't know if she was available...why there wasn't paperwork or something saying that she was or wasn't, I have no idea. It was quite a hassle, to say the least, to get this dog out of there before she was scheduled to be put to sleep in 3 days. But all that matters is that I was able to get her out and now she's safe and sound.\n\nThis is a very rural dog pound...and in great need of more funding. The surrounding area, in addition, needs to be more educated on responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering. Part of the reason why this is such a high kill facility is because there is such a rampant overpopulation and stray problem in the county.


    Low adoption fee


    Very high kill, dogs are not given much time before euthed, and it is often difficult to reach the staff

  • 2. Many dogs need a second chance!

    by: thetempest20

    It breaks my heart every week to see so many dogs up for euthanasia at this shelter. It seems like there are no local adopters. To their credit, there are some very dedicated volunteers who post all over the country for rescues. I know it must be hard work and the dogs that make it out to new homes must appreciate it. Personally, I could never volunteer here though because it would kill me to see so many put down.


    the facility is very rescue friendly


    dogs are given almost no time to find new homes

  • 3. Gasses dogs on Fridays

    by: hdevine

    Dogs are not given much time here and from what I can tell from the craigslist ads, they gas dogs every Friday. It's not just pit bulls and rotties getting gassed either. Right now there is a young, healthy, probably full bred black lab on death row. \r\n\r\nI credit the volunteers who must be so strong to deal with the sadness here. If it weren't for them, I bet more dogs would die.


    saves some lives


    gasses on fridays

  • 4. Very High Kill...

    by: RichStoops

    One of our dogs came from this shelter in 2006. The thing that struck us the most was what a terribly short time these dogs are given to be adopted or sent to a rescue. There is a great group of concerned volunteers to work very hard to save as many of the dogs as possible, and to the warden's credit the shelter is very rescue friendly and does a lot with very little in the way of resources. I only wish these guys had more of an opportunity to get out of the shelter safely.


    The volunteers and willingness to work with rescues


    The extremely short time digs are given to find homes/rescue