Columbia Hospital For Animals

2150 W Columbia
Battle Creek, MI 49015

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Poor customer service results in death.

    by: AzureStars

    Recently my boyfriend's mom's cat, Ashley, has become more and more withdrawn ever since she brought another cat into the home. She took to hiding wherever she could, and only coming out to eat and use the litter box.\n\nThen on Friday, she(mom) noticed that Ashley was no longer eating properly and that it felt like there was a lump in her stomach area.\n\nShe first called Dickman Rd. Veterinary Clinic(her usual vet), but they were booked full. So her next call was to Columbia Hospital for Animals. The staff told her that they would try to get her in, and would call her back shortly. Shortly turned into a couple of hours, and by the time they called her back all the other vets in town were closed. CHfA told her that they wouldn't be able to see Ashley, but to bring her in Monday(this was on Friday). She explained to them that Ashley had completely stopped eating, and anyone who knows anything about animals knows that this is a *very* bad sign. The employee on the phone told her that she'd be fine to wait until Monday. \n\nAshley died on Saturday.\n\nI will never be taking any of my pets to this animal hospital.




    Careless staff

  • 2. Always Nice

    by: WebbersMommy

    I have never had a bad expierence with the staff at Columbia, they love thier work and it shows with thier compassion for the animals and thier knowledge for the owners and what they need.




    Small which isn't bad