Columbia-greene humane society

125 humane society road
Hudson, NY 12534
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Makeover!

    by: PuzzleMania592

    This shelter is in need of a makeover! The staff give so much time and effort supporting there shelter.They really deserve a makeover!


    Great Staff!


    Needs to be updated!

  • 2. Columbia-Greene Humane Society truly needs this makeover

    by: stevecat511

    My husband and I adopted our cat, Kittles, (He was Eli to them), December 2001. The first couple of weeks were extremely hard for us since Kittles was sick and needed medication but would hide for days at a time. I even considered bringing him back because I knew he needed the medicine and since I did not know where he was and could not give it to him, I did not want him to get worse or better yet, die. I spoke with Charlene and she told me he would be fine and just give him some time and pretend like he wasn't there. He would come around. She was so understanding, compassionate and sensitive to my concerns! And you know what, just like she said, Kittles did come around within the next couple of days. I was so thankful for her advice and am even more thankful all these years later that Kittles is a part of our life. You know, we did not just go to the shelter one day and pick Kittles, we had made a few visits and discussed the different cats to choose from. Once we decided on Kittles, we knew it would be a couple of weeks before we could take him home. We went back a couple of times those two weeks so he would be more familiar with us instead of us being total strangers. During our visits we would also look around at the other animals and it was clearly evident way back then, that this shelter needed enlarging. It was also clear to us that no matter what, the staff would house whatever animals they could so they would be taken care of. My husband and I donate when we can but with the economy as bad as it is, things have been tight. I am sure we are not the only ones that have not been able to give what we would give it we had it! This is surely putting a strain on this facility and is also more of a reason they need this makeover. I firmly believe in my heart that if Columbia-Greene Humane Society won this contest, they would make this shelter the best in the land.


    Awesome, dedicated and hardworking staff/volunteers


    The building is in deteriorating shape and is extremely small for the amount of animals they take care of

  • 3. Awesome!

    by: bernecady

    CGHS rescued my soul-dog from a horrible cruelty experience. Cruelty investigators from CGHS seized an emaciated, one-eyed (because the other had been beaten in) pregnant pit bull from a garage in Leeds. That beautiful, strong-willed and good-hearted pit bull became my very best friend in the world. They don't call it 'The Little Shelter with a Big Heart' (I believe that's the title of the book by Elizabeth Hess) for nothing!\n\nI love the Columbia-Greene Humane Society!


    Caring, positive staff


    Facility needs your vote for Shelter Makeover II!


    by: britzy83

    I am a volunteer at CGHS and find it a pleasure to spend time with the animals as well as the staff. They are very generous and loving people that work hard every day to make the place a comfortable environment for the animals. They would be able to offer so much more to the community and the animals if their facility was expanded and brought up-to-date. I hope that people will return the favor and help the shelter win the makeover or donate time and/or money to the effort. The animals are so wonderful and deserve a comfortable spacious place to enjoy their life while waiting to be taken home.


    Friendly hardworking staff.


    Conditions are run down and out of date and lacks enough space.

  • 5. Front Page of Register Star

    by: mysirkodiak

    CGHS really is a great place for animals. However they really need help! They had an article on the front page of the Register Star on 12/08/08. They mentioned zootoo and how much help they need. I am going to write a journal about the article later.


    Cares about animal wellbeing



  • 6. lucky

    by: beckybub

    some years back this shelter rescued a baby goat from a rel bad situation. they called me to see if i could take him. i did. he has been the sweetist goat i have ever had.


    people who actually care work here.


    needs makeover!!!

  • 7. Badly needs a makeover

    by: NeilBindelglass

    I've adopted two animals from this shelter. The staff is fantastic. The care for and about the animals in their care. They are knowledgeable about what they do, and are a pleasure to deal with.\n\nThat said, the shelter is badly out of date and needs a lot of re-vamping. Let's help them get a shelter makeover!!!


    Great Staff.


    Out of date shelter, makeshift

  • 8. Great!

    by: jessica81583

    More than willing to help match you with your new friend. Have adopted many cats from here. Don't regret it!


    Very Friendly



  • 9. Our Maggie

    by: Kanga2Roos

    When we decided to get a puppy 6 years ago we went straight to CGHS. Lucky for us they had a mother dog with brand new puppies! Mom was beautiful, Scooby was her name. We decided we'd like the only girl in the litter. We filled out the paper work and waited patiently while the staff checked with our vet to make sure we'd be a good home. 6 years later we are still loving our girl Maggie. She fits perfectly in our family, we couldn't have made a better choice.


    Lots of animals to choose from


    Lots of animals to choose from

  • 10. Needs makeover

    by: dawnmariejo

    Ron Perez and his staff are loyal and compassionate to animals. I have to say his dedication to a specific dog abuse case tried in a local town was a show of incredible diligence. The shelter itself is in desperate need of repair. Animals should have a better place to stay when awaiting adoption.


    Ron Perez and staff


    Truly needs help

  • 11. Great Place

    by: Raylolo

    I have only been here once, but I filled out a Volunteer Application and am going to start volunteering there shortly. \n\nThe staff is super friendly. The cats and dogs are super cute and you can find out a lot about them just by reading the signs on their cages.\n\n


    friendly staff, volunteer program, they have cats and dogs


    dogs bark loudly, it smells, but that is to be expected in a shelter.