Colordao Hills Trail Head And Off Leash Dog Park

W 105th Dr & Simm St
Westminster, CO 80021

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. one of my favorites

    by: mindylove79

    I enjoy this dog park, it's not really crowded due to it's size, most of the time when I take my dogs I feel like I'm the only person there which is nice, my dogs have more fun when we have the whole dog park to ourselves and here you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to achieve that.


    nice atmosphere



  • 2. Great BIG Park

    by: moore4dogs

    This is a huge place, it goes on and on. There is a creek further back and it is not always so clean but the dogs like to run thru it to cool down. It is open space back there too, so if you dog is off-leash make sure they'll come back when you call them. Truely a wonderful spot.


    it's huge!



  • 3. Doggie heaven

    by: stephc101

    This park is probably the largest off-leash dog park that I know of. I have been taking my dog there for a few years now, before they made the entire Colorado Hills Trail area off leash. There is a very large open area at the front of the park. As you walk further back there is a creek and a pond, you can cross the small bridge over the creek and beyond that is trails galore! All off leash!\r\n\r\nA few years back the area beyond the creek was not off leash and officers would stand around and write people $80 tickets, I am so glad they realized that so many were using this area without problems. This park has grown exponentially in popularity since they opened up the entire trail system.\r\n\r\nI love taking my dog there, she loves getting to see other dogs and it is so nice to see so many others enjoying the area with their dogs.


    Huuuuge park, lots of trails and a small pond


    Gets muddy sometimes, snakes in the Summer

  • 4. Lots of room to run!

    by: TaraColorado

    This is the dog park of all dog parks. Huge area with plains grass, a few trails through the roughage. In the summer there is a small body of water, it is not neccessarily clean though. In the fall I have encountered free range cattle, they are fine, just do not let your dog bother them (it is illegal). I have heard stories of snakes in the grass, but never encountered them myself. There is no fence between the dog park area and hundreds of acres of open space, so make sure you dog can be trusted off leash!!!\r\nUsually many other dog folks there playing with their 4 legged pals. There are also some training sessions run there by independent dog training companies. Great place to go when the weather is nice.


    Huge open space like dog park


    free range cattle, possibility of snakes, un-fenced