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User Reviews (20)

  • 1. Thank you for my Star!

    by: Misseight

    My husband and I made our first visit to your shelter on September 27. I saw on petfinder that you had a lot of little ones and I was looking for a companion for my 14 yoa Chihuahua Spike as we had to put his friend Roxie, a blue heeler down a few months before. The shelter was crazy busy as it was a Saturday afternoon. In the back of this one kennel was this sweet girl named Star...a Chihuahua mix with Yoda like ears. A very sad shy little thing. A poodle/terrier, a Chihuahua named Rumble and a Papillon were all jumping and yelling "pick me, pick me!" when I stuck my hand in the kennel and Star laid the whole weight of her head in my hand. Two people came to look at the poodle/terrier and the adorable Rumble and took them out on leashes. The volunteer wanted to know if I wanted to take Star out too. I felt bad for her not being picked so I said yes. When I went down to pet her, she stood up and wrapped her paws around my arm and didn't want to let go. We only had 20 minutes before we had to head back north for a baptism. Six days later I called and she was still there. She crawled in my lap and looked at me as if to say what took you so long, I've been waiting for you to come back. Star was brought to this shelter from New Mexico and I am so thankful she made the journey. Although it was recommended that I bring Spike in for a meet and greet, I explained that it wouldn't go well. Spike doesn't travel well, isn't very socialized and at 14 and would have been nervous wreck by the time we arrived. Thank heavens the staff understood this and didn't demand that we do bring him in for a meet and greet. I took Star home and they both are doing wonderfully. \n\n\nIf it hadn't been for the volunteer taking two seconds to ask if we wanted to see her, we never would have asked. Once she came out that gate, she captured my heart and became My Star. While I was there both times several volunteers approached me and told me how much they enjoyed Star and what a wonderful girl she was. Thank you for your wonderful and caring staff!\n\nAllen, Gina, Spike and Star


    Customer service was great!


    Very tiny and crowded

  • 2. Very happy

    by: PaytonTB

    I am so grateful that CO Humane rescued Tala and her 4 gorgeous sisters from an out of state shelter. The entire litter is wonderful and alive!


    Lots of great animals!


    Needs a makeover!

  • 3. a sad little place with lots of love

    by: ingridib

    I've been visiting this place (in Englewood)off and on over the years. It's a great place to find a pet....they have many dogs and cats of varying breeds. There have been times when I (and others) have felt it's just too sad to go there, but since I've gotten more involved and visit regularly to walk the dogs, I feel much better about it and more determined to help out. It's obvious the staff love each and every animal very much and though space is a bit tight, they take the very best care of them that they can. I would like to encourage all of you to lend them a helping hand with donations (blankets are always appreciated as well as food, other items and, of course, cash). Your time is also much needed and greatly appreciated. There's a great park not far from the facility where you can take the dogs for a pleasant walk and get your exercise at the same time! Also, if you are in a position where you can't have a pet of your own, this gives you the perfect opportunity to get your doggie or kitty "fix". I strongly encourage as amny as possible to visit and become involved with this rescue/shelter and help it flourish as it so deserves.


    a VERY caring staff


    a little space challenged

  • 4. Shelter en route

    by: RobinRaeMartin

    I've stopped by this shelter cycling through town. The staff always welcomes my questions!


    mid-town location


    small space

  • 5. Great Shelter for animals

    by: Tingtang

    I love this place! I originally got my dog, Lilly, from The Colorado Humane Society. This is also a great place for dogs and cats to feel compfortable untill they go home to good, caring families!


    great animals


    not the cleanist plae

  • 6. Great Shelter for All Animals

    by: Rayray18

    I love this place. The staff are so friendly and kind. The are always there to help! The staff knows everything about each animal there. I love to volunteer there. If you are looking for an animal, this is the place!\r\n


    Clean shelter



  • 7. A GREAT Animal Shelter that Cares!

    by: stan4reel

    The Colorado Humane Society is a wonderful place for cats and dogs. I love this place very much. I have visited a lot of shelters over the last 30 years and have found CHS to be the best. The staff all have hearts of gold. I don't like "Snooty or Snobby" shelters. This place really does care about the animals. I have 3 daughters ranging from ages 9 to 13 and they love this place. Whenever we have free time I ask my girls how they want to spend their time.\r\nThey always choose CHS to spend time playing with Cats, Walking Dogs, visiting with staff, etc. \r\nDuring the summer when the girls are out of school we spend 2 to 3 days a week at CHS. \r\nCHS may not be the fanciest building in town but the\r\npeople behind those run down walls are the best that I have ever met. \r\nI Love the Colorado Humane Society. I would like to see them win a million dollars for improvements, but there may be shelters out there in worst shape. Regardless I will continue to support their cause.\r\nThank you for caring, CHS.\r\nStan, Chris, Haley, Renee, Rachel L.


    This Place Rocks! A Great Shelter! Good People and Animals!


    None to speak of

  • 8. What an amazing place

    by: Petdoctor1

    Colorado Humane is unequivocally the best shelter in Colorado. I have been volunteering for shelters since I was 8 years old and have volunteered for most of the shelters. Colorado Humane Society works hard to save every animal. Animals truly get a second chance there. They have taken dogs in desperate need of expensive orthopedic surgery and gotten those animals the necessary surgery. I have personally been involved in saving puppies who have gotten parvo-they have performed plasma transfusions and worked round the clock for these little guys and they have saved hundreds who have gone on to be adopted and live out great lives. The reason the shelter looks so run down is that all the money truly goes to the animals. Alll of it, every cent that could otherwise make them look more attractive. And, incredibly, they practice great medicine. In addition, they give dogs and cats with behavioral problems another chance to be canine and feline good citizens. I personally have two dogs from there, Buffy and Portia, who are leading wonderful lives that they would never, never, ever have had an opportunity to lead had they gone to one of the "pretty shelters". Colorado Humane is an amazing place and I am priveleged to be a part of this fantastic organization that places the emphasis where it belongs-ON THE ANIMALS!!!


    Very clean


    the shelter could use a makeover

  • 9. Walking the dogs! =]

    by: xLimEzX

    well i have been to this shelter many times and they all have been good exept for one but that was only because i lost my first cat that day and we had to cremate it.But if you go there to volenteer you have a blast you can help out with cleaning, walking dogs, playing with the cats and more.And if you want to adopt an animal there you would have a wide variety of healthy looking animals.


    great service and great looking animals


    little messy =/

  • 10. volunteered

    by: jonesnr

    This shelter has alot of animals to choose from but there is not enough space. I did enjoy volunteering at this location and will return shortly.


    staff was very helpfull


    dogs were a little messy

  • 11. My adoption

    by: cmdyer

    I just wanted to take a moment to share my adoption story with Colorado Humane. A year ago I found a two year old great dane female at Colorado Humane. The first time I saw her she was only 74 pounds and very sick. The staff at Colorado Humane fought so hard for her and a few times along the way they didn't think she was going to make it. After her battle with pnuemonia, she was also septic, and just very sad she was refusing to eat. She would only eat chicken and one type of dog bone. After she was well enough for adoption I drove up from Colorado Springs to sit and spend some time with her and see how we would get along. I just sat on the floor and she came right over and layed down with her head in my lap. I knew then it was a match. She now weighs in at 102 pounds, she's full of life (and quite honestly spoiled rotten) She's a wonderful companion to myself and my elderly Mother. I'm so thankful for the staff at Colorado Humane for not giving up on her and even when they didn't have to go that extra mile to save her they did. Thank you so much.\r\n\r\n


    Wonderful people to work with


    A bit far from where I live

  • 12. Small Shelter Huge Heart

    by: nudefrog10

    The staff and volunteers at CHS are the most dedicated, hard working people around! They do an amazing job, with what they have to work with, taking care of and placing thousands of animals each year.


    Wonderful, caring, dedicated staff


    building too small

  • 13. Englewood Animal Shelter

    by: ztT4MP50992455

    This shelter is going through some hard times based on one television stations report. I have been volunteering there ever since that report came out and I have seen nothing but care and concern for these animals. This shelter is now being run on a shoe string and the people there do the very best they can with the resources they have. I have very rarely seen feces in a pen and have never seen a animal being abused. Is the shelter old fashioned and out of date? It most certainly is but with very little funding its better it is better than the alternative for a lot of these animals. There are dogs that have been in the shelter for almost eight months and nobody there has given up on finding them a home.\r\n The people that have been critical of this shelter need to get off of their behinds and help the hard working people that are overworked and underpaid try to keep this shelter running.


    Hard working and caring people


    Out of date and in need of funds.

  • 14. Wonderful shelter run by Good people

    by: larar

    I have had the pleasure to know and work with for the past 14 years, run this very special organization. As I move to another state and have to leave CHS I know in my heart that I will never find such a special family of people working so hard to better each and every animals life that they touch. Yes the shelter is small and that is why the over 4000 animals we have saved every year is such a miracle. Maybe I am biased as an employee, but maybe I see the truth of this from the inside of watching these animals find healing, peace, solice, and a new life from the second they walk into the doors of Colorado Humane.\r\n\r\nThere is not a shelter in the land that has never had a bad press story, it is hard work that we do. Please don't let the recent biased press coverage that is untrue take away from the many animals that could be bleesed by this new shelter.\r\n\r\nThank you for taking the time to read this review, and for supporting this wonderful organization and the people that work tirelessly to run it and save the souls in their care.


    Wonderful exceptional staff......


    in need of more support

  • 15. CO humane

    by: lisakayheaven

    CO Humane has tons of dogs and cats, everything you could be looking for. Adoption fee includes spay or neuter. It is true that the staff worked without pay for months to save the animals! They worked 7 days a week because they are committed to the care. If you are interested in an animal, you can take it on a walk and spend time with it to make sure it is right for you. They are doing great with the money they have.


    Great place to get a pet


    facility is old and needs help

  • 16. Great Shelter

    by: steved1987

    I worked at this shelter for 2 years. These people are great hard working people! I've never met anyone who cares so much about the animals, but doesn't take to some ridiculous activist extent. The channel 7 story was a load of garbage and Tony Kovaleski is a joke. He made stuff up to try to boost his career, knowing that stupid people believe every word said on the news. After that the ex-employees volunteered their time for two whole months with out pay! now tell me that they are not a dedicated staff! The have a very small chunk of land and an even smaller building but their hearts are big and thats what keeps this shelter going so well! they do the best with what they have and it would be a huge benefit for everyone in relation to the shelter or anyone who may want a dog or cat anytime soon for them to win this makeover!


    Wonderful work effort, Really Care about the animals, Do their best with what they have



  • 17. difficult story

    by: pamdenver

    7 news showed us how they disposed, in the trash, of their animals. It was hard to believe that a place such as this was so callous


    they must have alove a animals somewhere


    total lack of respect for their animals

  • 18. Presorting and euthanizing at CHS

    by: zenbears

    With new management, one who comes from genuine animal compassion and stewardship, CHS could be a viable and vibrant place for animals. As a former volunteer at CHS I was dismayed at the presorting and euthanizing occuring even when the mission statement said they do not for time or space. Many animals "disappeared" just before transports of large numbers of animals who needed space. The ones that "disappeared" would be the ones who had not gotten adopted yet, were alpha or a certain breed but walkable by volunteers, not all of course. They have taken in transports while knowingly understaffed, putting animals at risk if volunteers were unable to show up. There is more of course. \n\nThat being said, I am always up for hoping things can change for CHS and could happen if new caring management came in. \n


    Space for animals in need


    Run by non-trustable management

  • 19. A very bad reputation

    by: MrEd

    The Colorado Humane Society has been around for 125 years and surely has done much good in that time. Under the present director, though, it's received a terrible reputation.\n\nMy information comes from four sources: a handful of people I know who have volunteered there or who otherwise know the people involved; an investigation by a local TV station; my own visits when looking for adoptable dogs; and two dogs adopted from CHS that have lived with me.\n\nOn the one hand, the people with inside information - and the news report - say this is truly a horrible operation. On the other hand, I can't condemn CHS from personal experience.\n\nThe dog kennels that are open to the public have been adequately clean when I've visited. They're cramped, though, and so is the shelter office. It's a little difficult to do adoption paperwork or talk with staff.\n\nI think I've seen volunteers walking dogs every time I've driven by. (And it's along a route I used to travel quite a bit.) There are obviously people there who care for the animals. Or there were - the recent press has to have been demoralizing. And I've heard of paid staff quitting, as well.\n\nI fostered one dog who had been adopted from CHS as a puppy, but who was four years old when I knew him. He had some separation-anxiety sorts of issues, but I don't know that they were definitely caused by something before he was adopted. Knowing his breeds and how he behaved in my home and the next home he went to, I'd say his behavior was within fairly typical guidelines.\n\nI cared for another CHS puppy from age 8 weeks until 10 months, first while she lived with the person who adopted her, and then here in my home.\n\n(In fact, she was with me at the same time as the other foster, and they were wonderful and hilarious playing together!)\n\nThis puppy's health was perfect the entire 8 months that I knew her. She went straight from CHS to my vet for a checkup, and he saw her routinely after that.\n\nHowever, I have heard negative things about CHS and puppies. One former volunteer told me that CHS travels around the region gathering up litters of puppies. This sounds neutral or even positive, but....\n\nAllegedly, the puppies are transported in a way that isn't humane, and there's a high death rate while they're on the road. Of course litters that they pick up may already be sick, but my informant says that many of the deaths are due to the conditions of transportation.\n\nAlso, it's been pointed out that CHS' motives for putting so much effort into puppies may not be very good. Many adoptors only want pups, and so the youngest dogs spend the least time in a shelter.\n\nRetail businesses try for high turnover like this. Every store has a limit to their floor space, so selling items quickly, then restocking, then selling quickly again is key to higher profits.\n\nWell ... CHS does charge for adoptions. They don't have adoption information online now, but shelters commonly charge more for puppies because they're more desirable. So does CHS focus on puppies as a way to get more income?\n\nThere is one thing I do know for sure even though their website is pretty useless right now. Until recently there was a page claiming that CHS had a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, which evaluates the financial health of non-profit organizations. (Oddly, four stars is Charity Navigator's highest rating.)\n\nBut CHS has had a three-star rating for the last couple of years. When this was pointed out, during the time when the shelter was getting so much bad publicity from the TV reports, that page disappeared from the website.\n\nThe Colorado Humane Society is a deeply troubled organization right now. There have been allegations of financial malfeasance as well as the horror stories leaked by volunteers and the media, and the sudden loss of many volunteer and paid personnel.\n\nThings could be put right again, but the overall mess will take lots of clean-up.


    Caring volunteers and (most) staff


    Horrible reputation, demoralized staff

  • 20. CHS -- mismanaged or misunderstood?

    by: Coonsonna

    The CHS facility is rented to them by the City of Englewood. It is cramped and none too clean. Recently, there has been a lot of very bad press about problems at this shelter. While they rescue and find homes for a lot of animals, the charges are too serious to be ignored. They are charged with, among other things, euthanizing healthy animals because there is not enough room for them, and sick animals that could be saved that the shelter does not have money to help. In addition, they have been charged with putting dead animals into the dumpster against all rules and regulations. While I am sure the management cares about the animals they take in, the allegations are just too serious to be ignored.


    They keep the animals fed once a day


    small space, staff turnover, money problems