Colorado animal rescue

2801 county road 114
Glenwood springs, CO 81601

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  • 1. Disappointed at the amount of "care"

    by: caringpetlover

    I was driving up the hill by Care when I saw a pit bull running on the road. I tried to get her in the car, for fear she would be hit, but was unsuccessful. Well I was trying to get her in the car, she was almost hit 3 times. I drove to Care and told the lady at the front desk, and she informed me that she had got calls about the dog earlier, and then just looked at me and said thanks. I realized they were not going to do anything so I called the local animal control. They had not been notified of this prior. The dispatch officer was very nice and said that they would send someone on their way. The other concerned people who called where calling to get help, thinking Care would send someone to help. They are supposed to be a shelter, if they cannot send someone to help the dog then someone needs to be called that will. Hopefully she will not be injured before they get their. This is not the first time I have had bad experiences with this shelter. The Rifle Animal Shelter who does not have as many funds does a better job then Care does. If you are looking for help with a loose dog, make sure to call animal control.




    not always helpful