College Mall Veterinary Hospital

4517 East Morningside Drive
Bloomington, IN 47408

User Reviews (20)

  • 1. Friendly, caring staff ~ disappointing medical care

    by: BorderCollieLover

    I had to go elsewhere to get a correct diagnosis and effective remedy.


    Staff were communicative and seemed to care.


    Medical care not top notch

  • 2. Superior service

    by: JoJoBloomington

    Our neighborhood cat is cared for here. They are wonderful.


    Helpful, friendly staff



  • 3. Misdiagnoses (plural), inconsistency and carelessness

    by: annestephenson

    In 2001 my I found my cat huddled in a cornera and, as I was trying to determine if his condition was an emergency, he threw up clear fluid with blood in it. I called their after hours service -- when one of teh vets called me back, and I described his symptoms, she huffed and said "Well, what do you wnat me to do about it?" and said that a cat vomiting blood "isn't necessarily serious". I found a different Vet who cared for my kitty, though he died several days later.\r\nFlas forward to january 2006 -- thety are near my house so I went to them again, hoping they would come through. The first vet misdaignosed my cat -- as I found out when I had to rush her in on an emergency basis. The send vet, who agreed to meet me at teh clinic even though it was after hours, looked at teh same tests that the first vet had taken and had used for the diagnosis, and said "Your cat is in complete renal failure." She may have died anyway but I'll never know because the first vet who examined her flubbed things horribly and we ;aost precious time -- plus that vet did not offer the palliative for nausea that the second vet gave me, so my kitty was more uncomfortable whiel she was still alive than she had to be. The second vet offered to have a necropsy done, then failed to contact me when it came in -- I had to call and wait on hold and finally be offhandedly given a copy.\r\nSince that horror, I have spoken with other people who have had bead experiences with thsi clinic and say they would go to Indianapolis before they would take an animal to College mall vets.




    See below...

  • 4. Great People

    by: stace23

    College Mall Vet was suggested to us by a friend when we adopted our first dog, Colby. They treated him so well, and they helped us through the extremely tough decision to have him put to sleep when he was near respiratory failure. Dr. Krauss could not have been more caring. \n\nI have called to ask random questions several times and am always met with a prompt and very helpful response.


    Truly caring doctors



  • 5. Good vet care, good vets

    by: Kittymiao

    The vets at CMVH are almost all women and have a warm, caring attitude, which both my cats and I appreciate. The staff is professional, courteous and friendly, and the atmosphere is good also. I've been taking my cats there for almost 30 years and have been very pleased with CMVH through the years.




    Sometimes the dog people stray into the cats-only waiting area

  • 6. I recommend them

    by: DmacNcheese

    I took in my cat when he had a bad abscess on his head, which had ruptured. They had never seen him before. They did minor surgery to remove the abscess and dead skin, which required an overnight stay. The next day they gave me a "lampshade" collar for him to wear and daily doses of meds so he could continue to heal at home. The bill came to less than $250. I was greatful for their help. I will continue to take all my cats to them.


    Hours, fees, helpful courteous staff


    Nothing major.

  • 7. Caring and Convenient

    by: Pughouse

    Everyone is very nice, and the location is ideal. Animals are treated well and questions are answered completly. The onlt con was that prices seem kind of fluid and quotes aren't always accurate. Very nice overall.


    Location, hours and great staff



  • 8. Comprehensive care

    by: ringquil

    We have benefited from the services of several of the vets here. They helped us care for our two elderly dogs in the their final years of life, as well as our two new dogs. They have seen our cat and helped with options for urine marking. They even saw our guinea pig and removed a tumor. We have been impressed with their knowledge and with their kind and compassionate care of our animals.


    friendly, caring and knowledgeable


    busy waiting room, checkout can take a while sometimes

  • 9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE College Mall Vets

    by: pingham

    Sheri Hughes has given my geriatric, now diabetic and always beloved dog, Ivy, just amazing care. She diagnosed Ivy's diabetes nearly 3 years ago and has been really attentive to our concerns and Ivy's health, thoughtful in her interactions with all of us, and always responsive to our concerns. She's compassionate, knowledgeable and caring. We feel lucky to have found her--Best vet Ivy's ever had!


    Sheri Hughes, DVM is amazing!



  • 10. We love this vet

    by: woodsus

    We are on our second dog and cat with this vet and have had nothing but compassionate and effective care. Not only do the vets really care but the other staff are kind and even remember our and our pet's names. Would highly recommend.


    Great experiences



  • 11. A Caring Place

    by: csweet

    We just got another dog after going some years without one. So far, we have had excellent care and advice from the veternarians there. Of course our dog is young and hasn't encountered serious problems yet. I like the appearance of the clinic when you walk in and the courtesy and professionalism with which we are treated.


    Very clean. Professional staff. Prompt care.


    Nothing yet.

  • 12. very friendly, efficient

    by: cewing

    I've gone to College Mall for the past 6 months and have always been very happy with their services. The vets are knowledgeable, nice to my dog, and honest.


    efficient, professional


    some wait sometimes

  • 13. Great care and accomodating staff

    by: elbennia

    These people are great. Have done a surgery on my dog and treated him for several ailments. We have boarded our dogs here for 3 years when we have to go out of town and they go out of their way to make sure they have room for them. Only con is that they are super busy on weekends and if you have an emergency they might not be able to accomodate you. We had an emergency with bladder stones and they only had one vet on staff on saturday.. we had to drive to Indy to get him treated. Other than that they are great!


    Great service


    understaffed on weekends

  • 14. Not Amazing

    by: WickedPineapple

    The people working there are very nice and have always been polite and warm to me.\n\nHowever, when I went to get my cat some shots the vet had to change the needle for both shots saying they were "too dull". So there's my cat getting poked half a dozen times with dull needles. He didn't like that at all and neither did I.\n\nAlso, both my cats were having stomach problems. I brought in a stool sample and they gave me some antibiotics which did nothing. My friend who works at the shelter suggested Science Diet cat food for 10 days. I did that and their problems went away immediately. The problem was their food, nothing else. They never asked what I was feeding them.


    friendly staff


    not very knowledgeable

  • 15. Great vet for emergency and non-emergency alike

    by: judecooks

    College Mall was our choice for the rescues we gathered as we lived in Bloomington. Our cat was a regular visitor for general care, and all went well.\n\nWe soon adopted a 5-month old puppy and brought her home. Unfortunately, not long after we adopted her she had a minor nasal/eye discharge problem. College Mall prescribed some antibiotics and told us to keep an eye on it. While traveling, the eye discharge became much worse. We took her to a vet in the town where we were, and they diagnosed it as distemper, and told us to prepare for the worst. We weren't inclined to accept that diagnosis (this was our new puppy and had been vaccinated). We tried the more aggressive antibiotics and soon returned home to Bloomington.\n\nThe worst occurred not too much later, our dear puppy just lay down and wouldn't move much. She was clearly in distress. We called College Mall, even though they were preparing to close they advised us to check her temperature. It came back as 106. The vet tech asked us to rush her in, and said a doctor would be waiting for us. We hurried in, and the doctor confirmed that she thought it was distemper. No blood test could confirm this (because she had been vaccinated) but the survival rate was grim.\n\nBut the College Mall vets were ready to fight. Our puppy was hooked up to an IV, and an aggressive regimen was begun. Fluids restored her hydration and cooled her fever. Then we began some powerful antibiotics and twice daily nebulizer treatments (even on weekends). The vets were caring, and worked hard to save her. One vet in particular came in repeatedly during off-hours (weekends and evenings) to ensure that she received the care she needed.\n\nWe can happily report that our dog survived, thanks to the tough work of College Mall. They loved our dog, and were always happy to see her return. In fact, it was actually one of her favorite places to go! So it is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend College Mall for all services, emergency and otherwise!


    Very caring staff, dedicated to their work and an obvious love of animals


    Somewhat limited hours (no evenings except emergencies)

  • 16. Decent

    by: cdnoel

    The Vets themselves do good work and are very concerned with your pets health. But the staff is really hands off with people and don't care much about customer service.


    Knowledgeable staff, good work


    Not the friendliest staff

  • 17. Care

    by: Redtodd

    This is the best place all the Vets are nice responsive and caring I always tell people to go here simply the best around.


    The Nicest people that most professional place


    Cost but that's all vets need dog health care

  • 18. Good vet!

    by: whitneyiu

    I really like the care I receive at College Mall. I feel secure taking my two cats there. They both got fixed there and everything went just fine. My critter sitter works there too - very helpful!


    friendly, helpful, animal lovers


    None that I know of

  • 19. Great vet

    by: animallawyer2007

    They are very thorough and painstaking. When I had to be referred to Purdue Vet Hospital a few years ago the vets up there praised the vets at College Mall, saying they had done everything exactly as the Purdue vets would have!


    Caring staff and vets


    sometimes a long wait for appointments

  • 20. Nice people, not for extreme cases

    by: cassilicious

    While the vets and staff at College Mall would be good for day-to-day check-ups (shots, spay/neuter, etc.) I wouldn't recommend them for more serious injuries or illnesses. We brought in our dog with an extremely swollen leg. We saw one of the vets at College Mall numerous times and I can't even tell you how many times we heard, "I don't know what's going on." They referred us to an ortho specialist (very, VERY was $400 just to have her seen at the specialist). Who told us basically the same thing. Only they recommend we "sit and wait" a few weeks to see if it got any better and if not, have that leg amputated. A few days went by and the leg was at least 3 times the size of her other leg and Rory completely stopped eating. We took her back to College Mall where the vet said it was time for amputation. \n\nWe should have known something was up. There was never a single test done. No blood drawn. No x-rays. Nothing.\n\nAfter getting a $4,000 quote on amputation from the specialist, we called back to College Mall where they said that they didn't feel comfortable doing the amputation and that to try another specialist (who's quote was $3,000). We decided to call the vet my parents use (about an hour away) for a second-opinion. He saw her the next morning at 8 am and the first thing he did was draw blood from her swollen leg. Turns out, it was a highly contagious anaerobic bacterial infection from a puncture wound. He scheduled emergency surgery to clear out the tissue. If they would have amputated without clearing out the infection, it would have spread and she would have easily died. He not only saved her leg, but also her life.\n\nThis all being said, the entire time the vet at College Mall called us at home to check on Rory. They were very nice and personable and very caring, just not as knowledgable as I would have liked. See them for shots, everyday check-ups, etc. But not if something more serious is going on.


    Very nice, reasonable prices, great staff, after hours care, caring


    Not as knowledgeable as they should be