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Collar of hope

P. o. box 2918
Bremerton, WA 98310

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Another very sick dog

    by: kjhfh

    I recently adopted a small dog. The first night I began to see something wrong. Took the dog to the vet. $150 more later he was found to have kennel cough, colitis and suffering malnutrition. I now have to have my other two pets treated as well. They insist they don't adopt out sick dogs but this is just one example of the pets they have. He was very contageous and according to them went to two recent major adoption events, making more dog sick. They do not take good care of thier animals.




    adopt out very sick animals

  • 2. Beware - Find Some Other Adoption Group

    by: wildbluegreen

    I wish I had read the other reviews before dealing with this group. They have an overly intrusive and judgmental application process and too much attitude. They even managed to offend my landlord when calling about the pet permission and deposit, making judgments about things that were none of their business, such as the amount of the deposit. Communication is slow or nonexistent by email, cryptic, and tactless by phone. The contract seems only interested in requirements about the owner, and little to guarantee that they have correctly represented the dog. I did adopt a dog from them, and they misrepresented her in every way. They said she was sweet, got along well with other dogs, and was free of health issues. In fact she is hostile to every dog she sees, hates men, and snarls and growls frequently (she was in foster care for two months, so they had sufficient data). She will need some behavior work. She had numerous health problems that would have been obvious to any competent vet in a general exam: poorly healed broken front leg, misplaced kneecaps in her hind legs, ground down teeth making age determination difficult, ear infection, and tapeworms. I have spent thousands getting treatment for just the issues that can be fixed. But get this: I now find that the spay certificate is fraudulent! She was claimed to have been spayed only two months before adoption, but has no incision that should be obvious so soon afterwards, and every indication says she just came into heat! There is no other cause for the bleeding after eliminating other possibilities - no blood issues or infections, and the swelling is totally consistent with estrus. Now I am not even confident she had her shots. Find someone else more honest and easier to deal with - NOT recommended. Too bad, as they do rescue a lot of dogs from high-kill shelters in California, but the placement process seems more interested in judgment about the adopters than honest communication on behalf of the dog.


    Trying to rescue lots of dogs from high-kill shelters


    Arrogant, judgmental, dishonest

  • 3. Judgmental and Poor Interpersonal Communication

    by: ThePaladinSkye

    We wanted to adopt a dog, and looking through the PetFinder.com we came across one that looked to be a great addition to our family. The response we got after emailing our application was unreasonably judgmental and assuming. Years back we had a cat who was diagnosed with Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), and had to put her down. This was mentioned in the application. The response we got back was asking why we "dumped" our cat at the shelter to be euthanized, and was also asked "Did you not follow up with vaccines and vet visits for that cat after you adopted it?" If she did not know what FIP entailed, an inquiry would have been more appropriate; or even just a quick search online would have told her that there are no efficient or recommended vaccines for FIP, nor are there any real treatments for it, especially for the kind that our cat had (effusive). We got a few more responses that were incoherent and unprofessional. She would claim she was making a different point, or asking something else. These are signs of an inadequate organization. I do not recommend.


    None Found


    Poor Interpersonal Skills, Judgmental, Incoherent Responses

  • 4. Extremely Frustrating

    by: Marie198

    The main individual running collar of hope is extremely frustrating. When I talked to her on the phone she dominated the conversation and seemed to discount everything I said. It is clear she puts a lot of work into this project, but she definitely does not have the interpersonal skills to show it. I put a lot of time into pursuing the pet my husband and I wanted (application, references, phone calls, e-mails) but in the end we were told we were not the right candidate for a dog. If that is her opinion, fine, but I felt like I was dealing with a over controlling parent treating me like an irresponsible teenager. She just seemed to make a lot of assumptions before really getting to know me. We will continue our search elsewhere.


    Animals find homes


    Hard to work with

  • 5. rescue adoption

    by: haugr

    Collar of hope is a wonderful organization. We were fortunate to adopt from them 3 years ago and I have recommended this organization to 5 other families that are happy with the new pet additions to their families. Is it hard to qualified to adopt a rescue? Yes! But that's what makes Collar Of Hope great. They expect and want a forever home for their rescues. Too me this is commendable. Keep up the great work Collar of Hope!


    professional and concerned for animals



  • 6. Exceptional caring staff

    by: penny2010

    We ecnountered a caring and professional experience with the Collar of Hope staff. They responded and answered NUMEROUS emails with our questions before and after a pet adoption, with the honest and heartfelt intention of finding a good home and match for their pets. During a home visit interview, helpful suggestions were given to ease the transition for our elderly cat to having a new dog in our home.Collar of Hope is entirely committed to their animals. We hold rich gratitude and admiration for the diligent efforts of this staff and we will return for all our future pets. I am recommending them to all our family and friends.


    Will return to Collar of Hope for all future pets



  • 7. STAY AWAY

    by: Bugsy222

    We actually did submit an application and heard back with a very rude response that basically said that we weren't capable of reading the application. Had they been the professional like I had expected they would have dug deeper and asked the right questions that they needed. I guess not every organization out there is looking out for there for the welfare of the animals. I honestly wonder if the dog was even available. Too bad we’ll look elsewhere and not deal with this organization again.





  • 8. Disappointed

    by: celestialmaiden

    We have tried several times to submit applications for animals through this rescue, and not once have they responded to anything. We only find out that the pet has been rehomed with someone else, when they pull the profiles on petfinder. Never have we heard ANYTHING from them. COme to find out at least a dozen of our friends have had similar experiences. This is really sad for the animalss- it makes us not even want to bother with them anymore, and we moved on, as did our friends- we had to, because we couldn't get any response!!




    They never respond