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  • 1. Hudson Mohawk InHumane Society

    by: CorlisCarroll

    Dear Editor, Yesterday, my husband and I had to put our 18 year old beloved cat, Daniel, to sleep. We made the decision when we observed that he was no longer eating or drinking. We called the Hudson Mohawk Humane Society and we were told that "yes" they euthanize and it would cost $75. Bob left work early. We wrapped Daniel in a blanket and drove to Menands. Upon our arrival we were told by the receptionist that we couldn't be with Daniel when they put him down. There gave no reason for not allowing us to be present. All we were told was that it was "policy." When we asked why this was the policy, we were told, simply, "it was policy." It just didn't feel right to give them my living cat and have them bring me back a dead cat. We begged to be allowed to be with Daniel while they administered the drugs. We were told flat out "no" and that we could take the cat to our vet. So, we wrapped Daniel up and drove another 15 miles with him very uncomfortable, to the Latham Emergency Vet Hospital on Route 7 where they were extremely kind, very willing to have us present and we put our loving pet down. It was very peaceful. It made us wonder: how do they kill the animals at Hudson Mohawk Humane Society? What is the objection to having the owners present for the euthanizing? Are they doing something in humane behind those closed doors? I think somebody needs to investigate. I will never go back there ever again. Later that night after we buried Daniel in the back yard, a friend came over for the evening and we told her the story. She said that her cat got out of the house and she couldn't find him. He had a computer chip for identification. She was told by Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society that they found him but never checked for the chip. They simply killed her cat. Someone needs to investigate this operation. They present an image of doing good work when it comes to dogs and cats. However, I am very suspicious of their activities. Sincerely, Corlis F. Carroll




    A horrible experience...don't go there.


    by: tamsdogs

    I foster for the mohawk humane society. The people who work here care alot for the animals. I work often very closely with their animal coordinater who is fabulous. The vets are always available to to see the foster animals if there is a problem or to answer any questions you may have. I have even adopted one of my fosters a pit bull pup. They were very helpfull during the adoption process.


    The staff really care for the animals


    The kennels could be more cozy for the animals

  • 3. Successful Shelter

    by: spacecat

    I really had good experiences with Mohawk Hudson and that was before the restructuring of the administration. I used to do cat adoption clinics for them. I have a dog and a cat from their shelter and I have been impressed with their focus on spaying and neutering and feral cats.


    dedicated staff


    not a "no kill" shelter

  • 4. Support your Local Shelter

    by: mikkiblueye

    I have been involved in some capacity with MHRHS for many years. My involvement waxes and wanes depending on what else is going on in my life, but I know many of the people who work there and I both respect and admire them for doing the work that they do every day. While I know that we all wish MHRHS could take every animal that needs placement, the reality for a shelter that tries to provide such a high level of care is that space is limited. The veterinary staff and animal behavior consultants do an excellent job of identifying problems and doing whatever they can to provide services to assist animals that are adoptable. I encourage everyone out there with a love of animals to volunteer, donate and adopt. There is nothing like the love in the eyes of an adopted animal.


    Animals on the adoption floor have been fully screened from a health and temperament standpoint


    Space limitations force the shelter to limit the number of animals it accepts

  • 5. Great Thanks!

    by: tammyandbobby

    This shelter was great when I was looking for a dog.\r\n\r\nOver two years ago, I was caring for my mother in my home and she had Luekemia. I felt bad leaving her alone during the day when I went to work. I submitted my application to adopt a dog at a number of dog adoption agencies. Finally after looking for over two months, I found Sparky at The Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society. Sparky was a two year Pekingnese. The society was full of information about the breed and that Sparky would match our home life and how to care for his breed. He was great company to my mother for the next eight months.\r\nBy the end of the year, my mother passed away at home and Sparky was right there...just like he knew his purpose. \r\nTo this day, Sparky is spoiled as far as a dog could be spoiled. He gave me the greatest gift and Sparky can do no wrong.


    Enthusiastic to find animals a home!


    cages are kind of cold.

  • 6. RIP Shelby

    by: beloved1977

    I just laid my dog, Shelby, to rest at this shelter. I found her from that very same place 13 years ago. She will be missed greatly! I am glad that this place had her waiting patiently for me to find her.


    Mostly volunteers


    Mostly volunteers

  • 7. Nice Establishment

    by: KC73

    I just started on as a volunteer and so far I've had really good experiences. The staff are very friendly and willing to help you out with any questions or issues. As a volunteer, I hope I can do my part to make it a better place.


    Kind, friendly, helpful staff


    Facility could use a little maintenance

  • 8. making changes for the better

    by: alzootoo1

    It had been a while since I was there last and I saw a big improvement in the cleanliness and overall environment. The animals seemed healthy and ready to go to permanent homes without issue. I would definitely adopt from them.


    Really trying to make it a great shelter


    needs more donations and support

  • 9. Great shelter

    by: morris62676

    This shelter has been around for QUITE some time and has gotten a bad rep in the past. \n\nUnder new management, the MHRHS team is fabulous and the shelter is much cleaner, more welcoming and getting better everyday.\n\nSo much so . . . I've started volunteering for them. I'm an active volunteer in their pet adoption center at PetSmart in North Greenbush & find it extremely rewarding!


    Great staff - educated and helpful


    Need more space and newer set-up

  • 10. MHRHS

    by: BarbMac

    After years of poor management, the current director and staff and are trying desperately to make things right and turn things around. They all deserve an A+ for effort. I recently started volunteering there and, even though things aren't perfect, I know there are hundreds - or even thousands - of animals that are being helped and adopted out to new homes.


    Couldn't ask more for effort


    The age of the building

  • 11. Great volunteers!

    by: THHanby

    I am now a volunteer at the shelter, but what made me want to do that is how great the volunteers were to me when I adopted my first cat. They were SO kind to both me and all of the cats. They listened to what I was looking for and knew the cats well enough to match me up with the perfect one. MHRHS is a great shelter!


    The people are so friendly and helpful!



  • 12. Very easy and helpful adoption.

    by: meliapple

    We adopted our dog Barney a very long time ago from here. They helped us by telling us what kind of dog would suit our family best. We fell in love with Barney instantly. He was a puppy at the time, and was very nervous. But he warmed up to us quickly and we brought him home. The adoption process was quick, and they weren't to pricey. Very nice staff.


    Very helpful, and they are very informative.


    Pretty far from where I live.

  • 13. Big improvements lately

    by: bsantini

    This shelter has been around a long time. They have gone through some really bad times for years, but lately they have really cleaned up and have been doing a great job. Everyone should go visit and see how much things have changed.


    Great people making progress


    Old, run down building

  • 14. Working to help homeless pets.

    by: bcoo

    All working to find homes for pets. We all need to work hard to promote spay/neuter and end pet overpopulation.


    Serving the community



  • 15. Making Great Progress

    by: tpatch

    With new leadership, the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society is making real strides. They are an outstanding organization with a supportive board of directors and excellent staff. They struggle with some well-meaning but uninformed locals who do not understand the challenges of running a shelter. The society has great potential and is doing everything they can to achieve it.


    Caring, professional staff


    A few local nay-sayers