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Dover, NH 03820
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User Reviews (82)

  • 1. NEVER GO!!!!

    by: BusyMomof2

    My family and I went in to look for a dog. While walking to the front door I thought we were at the wrong place. How disgusting, a tin trailer that is falling apart. I dont see how that is human for the animals. While walking in the front doors, we were NOT spoken to. When asked to see there dogs they acted like we were bothering them. It is disgraceful. The lady behind the desk was so RUDE that my 4 year old son asked why she was so mad. That is the attitude we got the whole time. We didnt adopt a dog due to the fact of the HORRIABLE experience we had. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Go someplace else!!!!!!





  • 2. cvhs needs more!

    by: jtappa220

    CVHS is full of knowledgable people who want to help but it is just to small to do the needs these animals call for.I believe we have to get this shelter on the right track for a make over!! We all need to help and get this done for the animals! CVHS deserves this.


    This is a great place for any pet in need of a temporary home


    The shelter is just too small!

  • 3. Helpful staff in choosing the right pets to adopt

    by: saundersfamilypets

    The staff was great. They listened to what I was looking for in a cat, and we ended up going home with 2. They were kennel mates, and the staffer strongly encouraged us taking both as they both had been returned due to some issues with the first set of adoptive parentes. It was a little rough going at first for Ole and Zeus, but Cody took to Ole right away. We love our two new additions, as they provide much entertainment for my husband and I along with cuddle time whenever it is needed.


    Staff was very helpful in recommending which cats would be best suited for my home with a large dog already there.


    small office area

  • 4. Awesome place

    by: dogluvr9507

    I bought my gerbils here, and this place is a great shelter, i volunteer here, and i love this place.


    This place will make you feel like family



  • 5. CVHS is Great!

    by: JLaChance

    I absolutely love CVHS! The people are great, the animals are loved and it is just a great feeling when you walk into a place that truly cares about the life for these animals after they are adopted.


    The staff and volunteers are wonderful!


    They need a bigger shelter, this money would be amazing for them!

  • 6. Luna

    by: carpentd

    I adopted my kitty, Luna at Cocheco Valley Humane Society about a year ago. The staff were great, and they obviously cared about the animals. They really deserve a new facility!


    Great care of animals


    Need a better facility

  • 7. Need more space to do what they do best!

    by: elenamp39

    I adopted our newest family member Daisy (was Rose) an 8 month old long haired kitty about a month ago. She is a doll, very friendly and gets along with everyone. Unfortunately shortly after arriving home she came down with a bad case of Feline Herpes with sneezing, high fever, and was quite a sick baby. The vet said no matter how hard a shelter tries (and they personally know the staff at CVHS and know they do their best under the conditions) it is very difficult for the animals to not pass this virus when in such cramped quarters at the shelter. The good news is Daisy is now healthy after a couple of weeks of antibiotics and some IV fluids. So PLEASE VOTE for this shelter so they can expand and prevent this awful virus from effecting other animals and allow them to do what they do best!!


    wonderful caring staff


    poor facility, need more space to keep healthy animals healthy

  • 8. Thank goodness for CVHS

    by: pmarchio

    I have adopted 3 wonderful animals from CVHS, the most recent being "Aaliyah"....our new Mastiff/Lab mix puppy. They seem quite knowledgable, are kind to their charges and will quite often "empty the kennel" which happened to us on more than one occasion while trying to find the "right" pup companion for Gracie. Well, we found her and it was worth the wait! I hope they can get into the Top 10 at Zootoo...the shelter is clean but cramped and falling apart..especially the dog kennel area.


    Local, clean


    Cramped, falling apart

  • 9. Great staff

    by: Cristin116

    Cocheco is a great facility that is in need of major updating.


    Great and caring staff


    The building needs help!

  • 10. Got my girl there

    by: Otisgirl

    Long ago I got my cat, who passed away a year or so ago at age 18, at Cocheco. It was a great experience and I plan to get my next cat there. These people do the best with what little they have. The animals are safe and happy.




    Small place

  • 11. cocheco is number 1 place ain all our hearts

    by: ladymae10

    first off i have 5 dogs i had adopted thhrough the years to keep them from being shipped to all kinds of different homes. i love all of them from the bottom of my heart. things have been getting real tough with my husband being layed off and myself i have been out of work for months and cant find a job. i thought well i have a choice feed myself and my 3 children or my dogs(which i hate having to decide that because i would give my prtion in a second) then i went on there website and saw they have a food program that will help me get food for them and i wont have to pay anythihng. I went in and filled out the paper and brought my mom in (she didnt have an appointment )they took her in as well without hesitation. I can go anytime and get food they say, so i did and they were so nice it is so hard to have to get a hand out but they dont make it like that. I was in there last week and they gentlemen was so nice and told me anytime you need anything let us know i almost cried because you dont see that often now a day especially for animals people figure they are a luctury which really they arent they are family.... i think they should get the makeover becuae they need it so bad...... thank you all of you at cocheco you guys have helped us out so much and you keep on doing it!!!!!! 10,000 kudos goes out to all of you!!!


    everyone is all so helpful


    there isnt one con i can think of

  • 12. donations

    by: mysunshine

    I enjoy dropping our donations off...I'm always telling people to drop their extra towels and such off. What's's never cluttered at this shelter. seems to be organized.


    they work hard



  • 13. Great people

    by: coleyanne

    For the resources given to the shelter the volunteers and staff do great work to make sure these animals are cared for.


    Great volunteers


    Small, old, building

  • 14. Tons of Love!

    by: nhgirl

    At every event possible where the word about the shelter can be spread, the staff is there. It is usually on a weekend and yet, they are there trying to get help for the animals. Wonderful,compassionate,people.





  • 15. Great place

    by: cheyy

    CVHS is great, they care about the animals and the staff does their best to get the animals in the best home. they really need a new building though it is very old.


    They really care about the animals


    They really need a new building

  • 16. forever animals

    by: spear925

    We have adopted two cats from Cocheco Valley and they have been wonderful additions to our family. The staff is great about answering your questions and really help you to match the pet to your family. They even dog test the cats. Our latest cat they dog tested and she is awesome. In two days she had our two big dogs in the palm of her paw. She's a keeper and she gets along with all our family members, human and canine! Great facility!


    lots of animals


    they need a new facility desperately

  • 17. They really deserve it

    by: Phe

    We adopted a dog this past November there and we had a wonderful experience. The staff was honest and straightforward with what to expect and what to look for with our Lucky- a transfer dog up from Alabama who'd spent nearly his entire life outside. The advice was extremely helpful in introducing Lucky to our cats. Despite the tight (very tight) quarters the animals were well cared for and obviously well loved. The shelter has been around for ages- I remember it being in the same place when I was a child years ago. Its obvious however that they desperately need a new location. At the time we adopted our dog, they had over 200 cats and kittens spread over nearly the entire shelter- the exception being the area where the dogs were kept. The viewing area for the dogs was slightly more spacious compared to the cat are, but the pens were quite small, barely large enough for a med. sized dog to turn around in and I think there were only 10 pens total. Quite a few of the dogs were paired up. I recommend Cocheco for anyone who is looking for a pet- despite their unattractive location (next the county corrections) and run down appearance they do amazing work with what they have. They deserve a makeover!


    Friendly helpful staff, well cared for pets, great with kids


    ancient and cramped location

  • 18. You adopted me my best friend...Thank you.

    by: KristieMay

    This shelters staff are great. Friendly, attentive, and honest. I adopted my fabulous Odin from them in 07, and it made me feel so good to see that they were all going to miss him. Its just showed to me that they really cared for these animals. I just want to let you guys know that Odin is doing great! We have had no issues with his leg and although he still has alergies, with the right diet we have just about relieved all his symptoms. Thanks again for helping my family find its best friend. -K Tetreault


    A staff that has so much heart in what it is that they do.


    In dire need of shelter updates.

  • 19. Great shelter needs help

    by: mickeymo67

    This is a GREAT shelter; it wants to do more and more to help animals and people to connect, but the facility is too small and really needs EVERYONE'S help to get into the top 20. Come on everyone, invite friends, get the word out there. It'll be greatly appreciated. I liked it so much there that I have become a volunteer. :)


    Excellent staff, volunteers, very clean


    WAY too small

  • 20. Spiffy Shelter

    by: sleepeatread

    This shelter makes up for what they lack in resources with lots of spirit and dedication. Everyone in my family gets our pets there, and we have always had wonderful experiences.


    Great staff



  • 21. Many years of love

    by: aturtle4u

    I adopted my girl Digga (cat)12 1/2 years a go , she is my constant. She knows when I am ill and is by my side. We have been through many lifes changes always coming out on top.


    Close proximity to home


    Maybe open more hours to the public

  • 22. Pitbull Terrier adoptions from Cocheco Valley Humane Society

    by: whitshade

    Thank you Cocheco for bringing pitbull terriers into our lives and hearts. Thank you for saving their lives and giving them a chance. Pitbulls aren't the easiest of dogs to adopt out because of the media prejudice and people fearing them because of this. Your organization has been simply marvelous at helping them find good homes.


    Know this shelter well. They need support from pet lovers


    having to leave pets behind we had no room to adopt

  • 23. Great care

    by: allaboutlove

    Great Staff! Great info provided! very clean! Hope they win the make over!!!!


    Best place to get great service and info for any adoption you may be thinking of


    Really needs to get a make over, they deserve one so bad!!!

  • 24. Keep up the good work

    by: lbwk

    I have know CVHS for over 20years. We got our first dog their. The requirements the organization has to make sure the people are ready for the pet were great. You don't just walk in and then walk out with a dog. The staff watches out for the best interest of the dogs and the humans. CVHS is like the little engine that could. They keep plugging away. Over the years I have seen them constantly look to improve the organization. I have heard comments about the facility, yet it is always clean and the staff working towards a new building. In a small state like NH it great that we have more than one facility. If it weren't for CVHS and a few other shelters all the animals in need would end up at one facility making it difficult to rescue and save animals.


    Small and dedicated to their mission



  • 25. small animal room

    by: rbwohrealy

    the staff knows the likes and dislikes of every animal in the room, and the amimals get great attention.


    staff knows every animal


    small room

  • 26. CVHS

    by: JEdwardGray

    The people are great and the animals are well taken care of. The staff does as much as they can with very limited resources and space. I recommend that everyone stop by once a week to donate one item (food, litter, blanket etc.) and see if any animals there are just right to bring home!


    Great people, great animals


    Limited Resources

  • 27. CVHS

    by: jbayourose

    I love CVHS as it is where I adopted my now Jingles a Pekingese with such a great personally we so love him and he fit right into our family at the time we had another Peke much older and lots of health issues, Bandit passed in Oct of 2008 and we miss him so much, I know Jingles misses him too. But now Jinlges is the head dog of the family and is such a joy to have and come home to. Jingles has been with us now 4yrs and has traveled to Tx and back to NH 2 times, we now are back in NH. He love people, kids he love to go for rides and walks and even 4 wheeling, my parents take me to the ice races and I go to the best vet in the world too I so love SNVH and Dr. Dennis she is so cute and good with me I so love her and she gives me treats too! woof woof I am so happy that CVHS let my parents adopt me as I couldn't of gone to a better place than I am right now so I THANK YOU CVHS and I hope you get the makeover! Hugs and Love From the Holliday Family


    A Great Place to adopt, will adopt again


    have no cons to tell about as it was great adopting from CVHS

  • 28. Dedication of the staff & volunteers

    by: lbastianelli

    I have been a volunteer since 1991 and the one thing that stands out is the passion the employees have for their clients in their care. Each animal that comes through their door is treated with love and personal care. CVHS is a non-profit and the shelter does it's best on a very limited budget. The shelter office buildings are former construction or school trailers purchased for the price of moving them, and the kennels are in the former county piggy. CVHS is also located behind the county jail. Winning the new shelter would enable them to move from behind the jail, build an energy efficient shelter that would save on utility costs. I have also adopted a number of dogs, cats, & rabbits from CVHS. My most recent adoption, a puppy two years ago, named Abbey is now a Therapy Dog and volunteers for CVHS. Abbey and I work as a team in CVHS doggie kissing booth. I hope they win the contest they truly deserve it.


    Very dedicated staff makes the welfare of the animals their 1st priority.


    Condition of the buildings

  • 29. CHVS

    by: horselover61

    I have been visit CHVS in the past and got a cat there too. It was a very friendly place and I enjoyed visiting there.


    wonderful staff and very friendly



  • 30. Dedicated Staff and Volunteers

    by: sbt03820

    I got my two cats Grey Kitty and Black Kitty at the Humane Society. They were found in an apartment wall and were sisters. They were a great addition to our home - and don't even mind getting chased by our 2 year old dog Kyrro (who is a rescued dog from Arkansas). Cocheco Valley does great work and is a wonderful asset for all of the animals and people in our community.


    Local Shelter helps a lot of animals find good homes


    Needs funding badly - small and old - needs new building

  • 31. Excellet Shelter!!

    by: mkl6

    CVHS is a great animal shelter and has had huge success in saving the lives of countless animals and helping people find the perfect new addition to their home. The building is in need of repair (it burnt down a few years back) but that is why so many people are trying so hard to win the Million Dollar Makeover that ZooToo is putting on. Overall, this is just a wonderful place for anyone in the area looking for an animal shelter.


    No kill shelter, very friendly and helpful staff


    Very cluttered and not the best building-wise

  • 32. Excellent facility

    by: JPP

    I took my adorable "Bonnie" Beagle to Cocheco Valley Humane Soc. (highly recommended by her Vet) for adoption, as she was getting to be too much for me to care for (I'm 77). She was only there 2 weeks before she was adopted. I know she was well cared for and loved while there.


    Very LOW rate of euthanasia.


    None that I know of

  • 33. Kudos to our local shelter

    by: Audnpaws

    I have adopted three cats from CVHS and all have proven to be a great fit for our now four-cat household. Time was spent to make sure their personalities would go with one another and to make sure I would be a responsible pet owner. I would like to volunteer for CVHS, but the lack of shelter amenities would make me want to take a new cat home every day! Instead, I support the shelter with financial contributions and would like to see the shelter be given an opportunity to build anew! Until then, I think the staff will continue to make the best of what they have, and I am grateful for their efforts.




    Size, funding

  • 34. Great People, Big Hearts

    by: jgreeke

    The people are very caring and they have a huge turnover..I would love to see what they could do with a new facility!!


    Great caring staff, love the animals like their own!


    Facility..they need $ to build..

  • 35. Awesome

    by: qqqwww

    great place, staff is very helpful


    awesome staff


    too small

  • 36. Compassion

    by: MontemooPanda2

    Absolutely wonderful staff. I know they've facilitated many happy adoptions.


    customer service and community involvement


    small size of facility

  • 37. Friendly Place!

    by: mapleleaf

    This facility has a great website - I was looking for an indoor, short-haired female cat. My cat Tabitha, Tabby for short, was 2 years old and had been given to the shelter by an elderly woman who was moving and could not longer keep her. Tabby is declawed, but that was done by the previous owner. All animals that leave this shelter are microchipped. She has been a Godsend and I would definately return to this shelter and have recommended others to go there.


    Very knowledgeable & helpful personnel


    Desparately needs a new shelter

  • 38. What a great place!!!!

    by: hebgbs00

    I adopted my first dog back in 1986 at CVHS. Since then I have been back for 3 cats. I also began volunteering there about 1 year ago with my daughter and I must say the dedication and compassion these animals receive is amazing. The conditions at this shelter are much in need of upgrades but the animal areas are kept as comfortable and homey as possible. Keep up the good work everyone.


    Dedicated Staff, compassionate


    SOOO much in need of upgrades

  • 39. adoptions

    by: sden60

    we have gotten all of our animals from CVHS. They do a wonderful job of taking care of, and finding homes for the animals. We are presently keeping an eye out for a new dog. and we will get it at CVHS


    Lots of animals to choose from


    Lots of animals to choose from

  • 40. My cat is from CVHS

    by: lynlee9397

    I adopted my calico, Fenway, from CVHS 8 years ago. It was a great experience and we love her. I have dealt with CVHS a couple of times since then and have found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. In fact, I recently applied to be a volunteer for CVHS. They provide a terrific service to the animals in our community.


    Great people, great animals....


    Needs a makeover!!!!!

  • 41. An outsiders perspective

    by: matey15

    This shelter is fantastic. You can tell they take good care of the animals there, and that they care very deeply for them. In fact, unlike some shelters I've been to in the past, Cocheco workers will know just which animal will be a good fit for you based on your life style and the animal's habits. Very caring, clean facility!


    Very knowledgeable staff! Also very caring!


    So overcrowded (but they can't help it!)

  • 42. My review

    by: halseyk

    I love this place!! The staff is so friendly to every pet; mine and the other patrons. My dog isn't afraid to go back and I think he secretly likes it better than home.


    great staff; great place to bring pets


    small structure


    by: ffancierjb

    I have Volunteered inside with Cats and Dogs - Both get CLEAN BEDDING and CAGE every day - Any sickness is TREATED VERY SERIOUSLY as is the treatment of All Animal. They have Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and I have seen small rodents and birds, too. They also have two Very Remarkable Pets who Live there... Their Director visits Volunteers on Weekends. Their Volunteer Coordinator is G R E A T! They So o o o o o Desperately Need a Makeover!! PLEASE H E L P COCHECO!


    THEY HAVE VOLUNTEERS out every weekend to Help



  • 44. No complaints

    by: furball6

    I've been here three times. No, not to adopt an animal but to volunteer. I would NEVER volunteer for a humane society if I thought their level of care was even a tiny bit substandard. Trust me, I have high standards when it comes to animals. So far, I've found everyone to me loving toward the animals and truly care about their needs.


    Friendly staff and volunteers that truly seem to care


    in need of maintanance

  • 45. The BEST

    by: MariaVanPelt

    CVHS has been in existence for 25 years, and in those long and lean years, they have come a long, long way. They are still very humble for the animals they service, and are in dire need of a new shelter to not only provide a helping hand to the lost and abandoned animals that find their way there, but to provide educational and innovative services to their community. They sure could use your support!


    Staff is very engaged, personable and knowledgeable.


    Small, needs some work

  • 46. As a volunteer

    by: kriskw2006

    I have volunteered at Cocheco for over a year now. I have never met such a wonderfu group of people as those that work and volunteer there. The dedication and love for e the aniamals is unsurpassed. I know first hand, how difficult it is to keep the shelter sanitary, and am impressed with how clean it is, under difficult conditions. I adopted my first dog there 18 years ago, and although my Bandit is no longer with me. I have such fond memories of seeing him calmly looking at me through his cage as if to say, "It's about time, what took you so long?"


    wonderful staff and volunteers


    in need of new building

  • 47. Caring People

    by: buter

    Walking in for the first time, I could tell that the people working were there because of their love of animals. I have been to shelters where it's " just a job". The animals at CVHS looked happy and ready to be adopted.


    You can tell the people there really care for the animals



  • 48. I am a new volunteer at this shelter.

    by: TysonnTayla

    I am a new volunteer for this shelter and am loving it. This place is nothing short of friendly, knowledgable staff, passionate volunteers, and animals who are receiving the best care while they are waiting for adoption! I am amazed at the pure devotion to these animals, and am pleasantly surprised that I've met people who are as passionate about animals as I am. The shelter and animal cages/kennels are kept as clean as humanly possible with the limited space they have, the public's generosity in donating blankets, towels, animal beds are constantly being put through the wash and kept fresh and clean for these animals. They have fresh water and food, the exercise they need and cannot get enough love. The only thing this shelter needs is this 1 million dollar renovation! I can't think of a more deserving place.


    Friendly, knowledgable staff, passionate volunteers, and animals are receiving the very best care and love while they are here.


    This shelter is in dyer need of an updated building with more space, they need a new building built strong and safe! This is the only thing missing from this exceptional shelter.

  • 49. The Best!

    by: gardentalk

    We love this shelter! The staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide outstanding care to every animal.


    Outstanding staff


    Facility needs a make-over

  • 50. A wonderful experience

    by: tiwiism

    My family recently adopted a 5 month old puppy from this shelter and the experience could not have been made more enjoyable. The staff walked us through every step in making sure the adopted puppy would get along with my current 8 year old dog (that we adopted from the same shelter many years ago). I have made it a routine to visit the animals there on a bi-weekly basis.


    Great selection of adoptable pets, caring/knowledgable staff


    crowded, always so busy

  • 51. Max and Rupert

    by: TammyMelnick

    My son (age 12) and I have been volunteering at CVHS for many months. My son can not get enough of the shelter. He loves to go in and help. The staff is very helpful and grateful. We recently adopted a bunny (Rupert) and a three-legged dog (Max) from the shelter. They live with our cat (Mozart-adopted from the shelter 8 years ago) and Molly, a Jack Russell Terrier. We are one big happy animal family. CVHS is in desperate need of a makeover.


    Very helpful caring staff


    The building is falling apart and in desperate need of repairs

  • 52. A great place

    by: onomary

    At this shelter you will find great pets that have been treated well and loved. Everyone who works here knows how critical the care the provide is. They help the costumers find a great pet and the animals find the right home. They bend over backwards to make sure they do the best possible job. Like I said, great people and great animals. The only thing that is essential is the proper facility to provide the animals with the optimal environment. If there is a problem at this shelter that is it, they are limited in someways by their facilities.


    Great people, Great animals.


    Need better facilities

  • 53. CVHS

    by: MissAlaneous

    CVHS is definitely not the most attractive animal shelter - a fact that I'm reminded of every time I lead a new tour through the building. However, our small staff is incredibly dedicated and the animals are safe and loved while they await the arrival of their new forever family. It's not uncommon to find staff members sitting in kennels with dogs or rabbits running around offices. We all know how important it is to let this animals know they are loved every day. Our incredible team of volunteers are nothing short of spectacular and, without them, we would never be able to care for as many animals as we do. And the Volunteer Coordinator isn't half bad either.... : )


    wonderful staff


    we need a new building!

  • 54. Been there...

    by: shergirl

    They need a makeover! I would like to see them have more space to work....and grow!


    Always been welcomed


    it's small...

  • 55. Wonderful animals and people

    by: lpd6

    Wonderful animals and people, but shelter needs makeover! Please help!


    Wonderful animals and people


    shelter needs makeover

  • 56. So Deserving

    by: sheryl59

    CVHS is such a wonderful organization. The devotion and compassion of it's staff and volunteers is endless. They are so deserving of our support and a makeover.


    It's staff and volunteers


    It's desperate need of a makeover

  • 57. Volunteering

    by: iamasheltie

    I just started volunteering at the shelter, and after seeing the whole place in the tour, I wish I could fix it up. The whole place gets thoroughly cleaned, but you can see the effects of age in the construction, where right angles have become obtuse. However, this does not slow down the adoptions: a large number of dogs driven up from overflowing shelters in the South came in last week, and nearly all of them were immediately adopted. Our overflow was in the cat section, which had supplemental cages filling the floor. The adoption process is thoroughly monitored by staff, who check on adoptive families before and after the adoptions. Animals are spayed/neutered, and those with health problems go to local vets including the nearby business The Cat Doctor. An extensive volunteer log shows the sheer number of people who care to keep the shelter running. Volunteers may also foster overflow animals.


    Fantastic staff, well-cared-for animals, humane treatment, attentive adoption process


    Small, old building

  • 58. Cocheco Valley :)

    by: KellyBean603

    Amazing place, with a genuine compassion and concern for all of their animals. An impressive amount of effort is put into making sure each animal is happy, healthy, and safe. The only downfall: the building cannot support all of the animals they take in, since they don't put any animals down unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. They could use some building renovations... *hint hint...a makeover*


    Knowledgable caring staff, great volunteers


    Limited funds- could really use some renovations *hint hint*

  • 59. I love CVHS

    by: ghosthunter13

    I really think this is the most deserving place for the make over. Each and every animal gets a fair chance to find its one true home. I am working so hard to help them win this make over and would really like your help.


    I love this place


    I love this Place

  • 60. Very Friendly Easy Going Staff Animals A+++++

    by: tondafoxNH

    I have found this shelter the cleanest and friendliest. They dont mind people coming in to browse, they dont push you to adopt-they welcome questions about the animals. They also feed on time and always cleaning cages. IT would be great for them to get into something a bit bigger so they can handle the amount of cats and dogs and other kritters.


    Very helpful, let you spend time with an animal, they try to get all background info of an animal to make it easier to adopt


    Too small, need more room, need larger room for the cats so they dont always have to be in cages, likewise the dogs,

  • 61. Very animal focused organization

    by: marthajo

    As an open shelter, CVHS does a remarkable job with the limited space. Being housed in a 125 year old "piggery" not outfitted as an animal shelter the the animals are extremely well cared for. The staff and volunteers make this place a wonderful haven for temporarily displaced animals. Thank you CVHS for all you do for the animals of Strafford County NH.


    Very friendly. Staff and volunteers are extremely dedicated.


    Desperately need a new facility.

  • 62. A wonderful shelter

    by: cincaf

    The staff of CVHS makes the most of a not so wonderful enviroment. The animals are clean, well taken care of and come first in this shelter. Staff is dedicated and kind. There is a constant effort to improve things for the animals and the enviroment. There could be great things done with the money if they won the makeover. They deserve alot of credit.


    crowded, old buildings


    amazing, caring staff

  • 63. CVHS

    by: Chelly

    It is arguable that CVHS is not the most aesthetically pleasing building. However, it is definitely filled with the highest levels of compassion, affection, care, and professionalism. All very important qualities. The staff is friendly, easy to approach, easy to communicate with, and very knowledgeable. I'd say that the combination of these personality traits, plus what each personality brings to the table are factors that effect the success of CVHS. I have been volunteering at CVHS a little over a month and a half now and from the moment I set foot into volunteer orientation I knew I had picked the right shelter to devote my time to. The animals are very well cared for, exercised, and overall seem to be comfortable. Although we do all agree, they will be most comfortable in a loving home. It is rare that you will see any volunteer or staff member walk by an animal without them giving the animal some type of praise, whether it is just an affectionate nickname or telling them just how great they look today. (It does happen!) I believe that CVHS is a place in which animals receive second chances, and we are rewarded with the satisfaction that they will live out the remainder of their lives in a loving, comfortable home. CVHS is a fantastic place to volunteer and to adopt.


    Animals are cared for very well, the staff pays very close attention to each animal's special needs, every animal receives love from both volunteers and staff alike.


    Sometimes it is difficult to accomodate all animals.

  • 64. Current

    by: cryton

    I currently volunteer at the cvhs The staff is very helpful and willing to lend a hand when needed the animals are well taken care of.


    animal care


    need make over

  • 65. Nice shelter

    by: mansion

    This is a great shelter. The staff really cares about the animals. The need more room so they can do more great work!


    friendly staff, care about pets, helpful, resonable adoption rates


    small...needs more room

  • 66. CVHS Rocks!

    by: AmandaBurnette

    CVHS is a wonderful place. The staff is very knowledgable, friendly, and prompt. The care about each and every animal in the shelter. They definitely deserve a makeover for all of the hard work they do!


    Knowledgable staff, very friendly, very helpful



  • 67. They Deserve a Makeover

    by: SidsMom

    This shelter is small and do the best they can with what they have. They could use a new facility like some of the other shelters have undergone lately. I've adopted two wonderful cats from here.


    They really care about animals


    The shelter needs to be updated

  • 68. A wonderful place

    by: jessalu

    My husband and I went to CVHS to adopt a cat. We found the one we wanted and were able to take him home without any issue. He's a sweet and cuddly cat just like they described. They really knew him and his habits which made his transition to his new home easier.


    Friendly staff that know the animals.


    It's a busy place sometimes you may have to be patient.

  • 69. CVHS is a great place

    by: carlene68

    I want everyone to know that Cocheco Valley trying very hard to make improvements with what they have on a daily basis. Their battle is constant. They don't have the space necessary to comfortably house all the animals that they sometimes end up with but they manage to care for each and every animal that comes through those doors. They usually feel that they are not giving enough of themselves when the opposite is the rule. They give so much more!!!


    The staff at CVHS is extremely caring.


    They so badly need a new shelter - building is VERY old.

  • 70. CVHS is the best!

    by: sailingbutterfly

    Staff and volunteers take wonderful care of animals!!!


    Staff and volunteers take wonderful care of animals.


    Building facilities in desperate need of repair.

  • 71. What a Nice Shelter

    by: jenniferlyn35

    A few years ago i adopted a guinea pig from CVHS. The process was easy and the staff was very helpful. Since then, i've donated to the shelter a couple of times every year. If any place deserves a makeover, this one does! The people are always friendly and knowledgeable. The animals are always well cared for. I would love to see them expand and have more resources!


    Everyone is friendly and the animals come first.


    The shelter needs more room to grow.

  • 72. Absolutely the best!

    by: lauradiane

    It's a wonderful place to work...and what perks - being around animals all the time!


    Compassionate and dedicated staff


    Needs a NEW facility

  • 73. Cocheco Valley Humane Society is a kind place!

    by: JaneWK

    I love CVHS because I know this staff always puts animals first! Our shelter is an old county farm piggery so it certainly needs to be replaced. But every animal caregiver, every volunteer, every person who works at CVHS whats the very best for our animals. They won't settle for anything less! So as we work to get a new shelter, we don't waste time worrying. It will happen! We work smarter, harder and won't stop until our goal is reached. It's a joy to go there everyday knowing we make a difference for animals.


    The staff at CVHS thinks every animal is important!


    We need a new shelter to house our wonderful pet guests.

  • 74. Please help!

    by: krbuttrick

    CVHS is a place of saints and angels who give there all day in and day out for these animals. They care for every animal with there heart and soul. Please help these amazing and deserving staff, vol, and most of all ANIMALS get a new building. Please vote for them!


    Staff's love and kowledge of animals


    Building is to small

  • 75. No better place...

    by: dreambig

    CVHS is staffed with some amazing people! You could ask any working member of that shelter from adoption counselors to the director about an animal and they could give you specifics. They are all well rounded people that ACTUALLY take the time to get to know the animals they are adopting out. They open their offices to animals that get stressed in the kennels, they fosters animals that just need a little more time before being adopted, and give constant TLC to any number of the animals they are housed within their confines. As previous mentioned by another person they don't just try to get the animals out the door, they find forever homes. Another great aspect about this shelter is the hours of operation. They are open Wed-Sun... and "closed" on Mon & Tues. However... they will open their doors to people who are serious about an adoption who can't make it during their regular shelter hours. If that's not going out of their way, I don't know what it. Everything great quality about this shelter is why I adopted from there, volunteer there, and foster from there. I would say the ONLY set back is the bulding. It was an OLD piggery turned shelter. While the staff their does everything to make it welcoming it is what it is... so go in with an openmind and an open heart and you'll get nothing back but some 4-legged love!


    Compassionate staff, Hours of operation, Reasonably priced


    Old facility, small space.

  • 76. CVHS is great

    by: nhfury

    I adopted my first dog from CVHS back in 1986 and recently my daughter and I started volunteering there. The staff are wonderful and caring but I must say nothing has been updated and it still looks the same as it did back in 1986. The compassion the staff and volunteers show for the animals is awesome, but more room and a better overall facility would only make this place better. Earn those points everyone.....


    Great staff, helpful, compassionate


    They really, really need a makeover

  • 77. We love our cat Denali

    by: meegan67

    We got got out cat when she was a kitten at the shelter. She was the first cat adopted in the new cat room after the fire they had a few years ago. The CVHS has a great reputation. They are so helpful. Their fundraisers are so much fun. The director is a "mover and shaker" and deals with stressful issues as opportunities!!


    The staff care about each animal


    The building is horrible

  • 78. Great shelter!

    by: mastiffsmile

    Haven't worked in a better shelter, and it's the people & their treatment of animals that makes a shelter great.


    Fabulous people


    the place needs lots of work!

  • 79. CVHS Rocks!

    by: Kaylaa28

    I adopted a cat from here 2 years ago. I was helped imediately and the people knew about my cats personality. Most of the staff members are also foster parents and therefore are very knowledgable with all of the animals. \r\nThe shelter also seemed to be more focused on getting the animal to the correct home, not just getting the animal out as quick as possible.


    The people were very nice and there were lots of animals to choose from


    No cons

  • 80. Pet Shelter

    by: cher45turn

    Animals are well cared for and socialized, but shelter is not really large enough to handle the volume.


    caring, knowledgeable staff & dedicated volunteers


    old outdated facility

  • 81. Too Expensive

    by: Caitirin

    Adoption there was ridiculously expensive


    Very close to our home


    Too costly

  • 82. Absolutely Tops

    by: purplefdu

    I adopted my first dog from here back in 1997 and have kept up with efforts and donated over the years. Cherokee was the 1997 Prince of the fun show and Mr. August in the calendar the following year. Their staff is wonderful in screening people and helping you pick a vet, trainer and other things. They are always grateful for donations and willing to lend a hand.


    great staff, great support, friendly


    lack of dogs to choose from (which is kind of good too)