Cobble Hill Bed & Biscuit

1100 Chalk Road
Wake Forest, NC 27587

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  • 1. Horrible Customer Service and Care of your pets!!!!

    by: doglover20033

    Upon pick-up of my 7 month old Chesapeake Puppy after an 11 day stay I was informed that it "tore up" two suites including the indestructible suite and was placed in the regular area for 9 out of 11 days of its stay. They tried to charge me $65.00 for it chewing on some PVC pipe they left in the 'suite' and bedding material they put in the kennel with it. I informed the office manager that I did not think I should pay the damage fee and she proceeded to threaten me with a law suite. I was literally in shock at this point and requested to speak to the owner. My request was denied. I paid my bill of over $400.00 minus the $65.00 - or so I thought.\r\n\r\nWhen I got home I saw that not only did she charge me the $65.00 fee but she also charged me for 11 days of $40.00 'suite' fees instead of 2 days 'suite' and 9 days regular boarding charges where she stayed of $24.00. When I called back to inform her of this deception she told me that she was not going to refund my credit card. She called back later and said she talked to the owner and they wanted to refund me both the charges for the 'damage' fee and the incorrect boarding charges. They have not refunded the charge for the extra $65.00 fee yet\r\n\r\nRead the other review of the deplorable and horrible way they acted after the other client's dog died while in their care and you will start to understand what these people are really capable of doing to your trust and pets. They threatened to take me to court, and told me they could sell my dog if I did not pay the $65.00 add on fee. Board there at your own risk!




    Will charge for services not rendered, hold your dog as ransom if you don't pay their add-on fees, and threaten to tak you to court over $65.00 out of a $400.00 bill.