Cobb county animal control

1060 al bishop drive
Marietta, GA 30008
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. A great place with many great pets

    by: jennyburley

    Very clean place, county run and a local animal control office. The adoptable animals are clearly labeled and they have a wide selection of colors, sizes and breeds.


    Very clean facility with a wide selection of dogs


    Not enough people spay or neuter

  • 2. Helping animals the best they can

    by: praups

    We adopted your dog Stanely from here. I was pleased with how clean the place was. I was dissappointed that no one helped us with the animals. We got him out of the cage ourselves and took him to the visiting room. All they wanted was the adoption fee and sign some papers. No education on how to care for him or anything. No screening questions to see if we would be good owners. They are doing the best they can for a county shelter. So many dogs and cats in need of care and homes, please spay and nuter.


    They help animals


    No owner education, no screening