Clovis animal shelter

1233 5th st.
Clovis , CA 93612

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Local Friendly Shelter

    by: Sentola

    This shelter works hard. They are located in the middle of Clovis and next to a park. Dogs have very clean kennels--cats have cat trees and large walk-in cages. Dogs have blankets and 1/2 of crates to sleep in--which is a great idea I am using for my dogs. \r\nOnly problem is--the shelter is too small. Not many staff and it does get busy!


    Good location, good people, dogs have a nice facility


    Too small and gets too busy--not enough staff

  • 2. Animal shelter needs makeover ! HELP!!!

    by: graciegirl

    Clovis,Ca. is a small town right next to Fresno,Ca.The shelter is in need of major renovation,it's still in the 60"s!The place is literally falling apart.They cannot help as many animals as they'd like to because of the disrepair.If anyone deserves help this shelter does.The people really care about the animals they have and worry about the ones they are'nt able to help because of the shape of things.This town is animal freindly.With dog walks,one goes thru the entire length of the city,it is well maintained with poop bags in free standing containers all along the path.I love taking my dog on this bike path/trail,it's wide enough for two way traffic.


    it's run by really caring people


    it is OLD and needs to be remodeled as well as updated