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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Worst boarding experience we ever had!

    by: bjay

    Wanted to take a short trip to the shore to celebrate son's HS graduation. It was to be a family reunion with one relative flying from Vegas to celebrate our join our celebration. Unfortunately, the kennel we regularly used for the past 5 years was booked. This was the only one available and after taking a tour and speaking to young women who worked there, thought it would be a nice place to board our 9 year old german shepherd, who is old but an intelligent, good-natured dog. Over the years, we've received countless compliments from neighbors or complete strangers who'd walk up to us to tell us what a great looking and obedient dog she is. Our vet knows her well and can handle her for all shots and medical procedures without a muzzle and with no fear of her getting aggressive. I am only mentioning this to make it clear that our dog is not one of those german shepherds that when not trained correctly will become aggressive with strangers. And this was never a factor in the treatment our dog received at the kennel - and the kennel owner stated so herself.\r\n\r\nWe spent one night at hotel and received a call around 1:00 pm by an older women who said she was the kennel owner. She was very angry because our dog broke our of her enclosure & was discovered while she was giving another customer a tour of the kennels. She said we had to immediately cancel our trip and return home to take our dog. My husband was shocked because our dog had never done this before and we apologized and said we'd pay for any damage and first asked if our dog hurt herself during her escape. The owner said no and that our dog was sweet-natured and at the moment right at her side. We asked if there was any way to work this out for one more night and she refused to work with us. \r\n\r\nTo our horror, she then said that she had contacted our vet and requested permission to MEDICATE our dog so that she would not have to "babysit" her until we returned home. Thankfully, our vet absolutely refused. After hearing that, we told her we'd be there as soon as possible. We had to settle with the hotel & restaurant we booked for son's party and contact all our relatives who had also booked rooms at the hotel and inform them that everything was cancelled. We still had to pack up our car and realizing that we'd still be running late, sent our sons ahead separately to pick up our dog. \r\n\r\nThey drove as fast as the law allowed but hit traffic & knew they'd be late so called the kennel to let them know. When they arrived 1/2 hour late, the first words out of the women's mouth was "you're not getting your dog until you agree to pay for the gate and because you are late, I am adding another night to your bill." My sons had no money so called us with their cell to tell us what happened and the women took the phone and told me that my sons were rude and insulting to her and that her time was valuable, hence the extra charges. I told her we never had a problem with our dog before at any other kennel and she went off on me and began yelling over the phone that maybe the other kennel wasn't booked, and maybe they just didn't want our dog. She said our dog was psychotic because she damaged the door and that she never had it happen (or even heard of) a dog breaking out of a kennel! I could hear my son's getting upset because of the way this women was treating me (their mom) over the phone and when she used the police as a threat - I told her we'd pay anything but please give my sons our dog. \r\n\r\nUpon our arriving home, my sons informed us that she still called the police but when they arrived she told them that everything was ok. \r\n\r\nMy stomach is still in knots over this incident and I am shocked at the way they overreacted and worse would have rathered drugged an old dog so they wouldn't have to bother watching it. They are new to boarding dogs and clearly do not have the experience nor knowledge to take the responsibility of caring for our pets. I now understand why they had plenty of space at short notice. This is the first time I've written a bad review about a kennel and I don't like doing so, but is the only way I can think of to get a warning out.


    New boarding facility. Looked and smelled clean.


    Not enough experience and unwilling to work with customers.

  • 2. Cant get much better...

    by: ikfershaw

    We LOVE Sandy and her staff at the Clip Shoppe. I Have been going to her for years. She has a new location that is great and expanded to more then just grooming. You need it she has it, Day care, over nights, training etc. Try her out and you will not be disappointed\r\nIRene epi Little Dude & non epi Daisy Blue


    Fun and friendly and priced right


    Cant think of any