Clinton county animal control

2638 s. williams road
St johns, MI 48879

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  • 1. Need to get their act together.

    by: sbutler1976

    There's a serious issue w/ abondonded & stray cats in Eureka. The Clinton County Animal control have been contacted at least 4 times about it from different people. Nothing. Citizens have taken to buying their own Havahart Animal traps to trap these cats then taking them to the animal control people. They won't even supply or lend you traps, you have to pay for them so you can use them to do their job for them. I know 1 family has turned in more than 35 cats to them so far on their own dime, food, traps, time etc. Another family is trapping them & relocating them unsuccessfully though & the cats are coming right back. My folks bought a Havahart animal trap & have trapped 3 cats so far. Dad relocates them far away by barns & cow farms that want micers for their barns. Some of the cats have become quite wild almost feral from being stray for so long now. Dad figures they have a better chance being a mouser on a cow farm than being adopted out by a shelter. I don't have any good feelings for this animal control. They so far have not shown me anything positive. I know the guy personally that runs it. You pretty much have to catch the animal & bring it too him before he will even lift a finger. No matter what kind of animal it is! This animal control really should run some fund raisers & get the community aware of the strays. Trap/Neuter/release would be an awesome program in this area. Feral cat rescues are out there & they could be contacted to give homes to these poor cats. They could start a foster system for kittens & adoptable cats. Start getting new homes for the stray cats. There are working programs that we see on Zootoo that could/should be implemented. They don't seem to have their acts together to help the animals. I would love for them to prove me wrong.


    They have an animal control.


    They don't control animals.

  • 2. Caring people

    by: Aaron

    They don't have the amount of resources needed to accommodate the number of animals they care for--they need help for all they do.


    people are trying hard


    need a decent shelter

  • 3. They have taken animals in on a last minute notice

    by: madiann29

    They have been very compassionate to any animal that has come through their doors. They deal with the situations with all their time and effort that they can.


    Very compassionate