Cleburne animal shelter

2375 service drive
Cleburne, TX 76033

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Very dissapointed

    by: angellanmartin

    We just adopted a dog this weekend from this shelter and now we are battling parvo. I called the office and they were not concerned at all abou tthere infected animals because "We don't have a doctor on staff." What a terrible terrible facility.




    poor quality

  • 2. Needs to be Expanded

    by: KnVsMoM

    I have lived in Cleburne most my life and I can honestly say that the animal shelter is in dire need of renovation. My daughter volunteered there for a short time. It's always short staffed and in need of supplies. There are sometimes 2 or more animals in cages for lack of space. Several people I know personally have gotten puppies from there that were infected and died of Parvo. There is not much effort made to adopt the animals they do have out. Other than getting on the Humane Society website, most are kept about a week then euthanized. I guess it's a good thing when you call the dog catcher out to pick up a stray, if he actually bothers to show up, he usually doesn't try real hard to catch it...


    They finally offer a spay and neuter program


    Overcrowded, understaffed

  • 3. Dogs

    by: kay0254

    We got all three of out dogs here and when we are looking to adopt again I will go here first.\r\n\r\n


    Great place to find friends


    None that I can find

  • 4. Spay or Neuter your pet Please!

    by: MandyRenae3198

    This shelter didn't used to have a very good spay/neuter policy or a long lifespan for shelter animals, but in the past few years they have changed all of that as best they can. With our help they can continue to get better and better. Now they have a spay/neuter program and a bulletin board at Walmart that posts animals in need of a home.


    Inexpensive to adopt, spay/neuter program, friendly staff, easy to get to.


    Small facility that needs to be expanded

  • 5. Great Place to Volunteer

    by: Mandy83

    Overall, this shelter has come a long way in just a couple of years. The staff have added a spay/neuter policy that goes along with any adoption and now also have a cheap spay/neuter program that also has cheap shots. They even have a board at Walmart that advertises animals that are up for adoption.


    Easy to get to, inexpensive, spay/neuter program, friendly staff


    Too small and needs to be open on weekends

  • 6. great shelter!

    by: JESSE

    just a great staff that works there and very nice, cares a lot about the animals.


    great staff and just great people all together and very caring about the animals


    i can't think of anything!

  • 7. Everybody let's all help

    by: darlenbarb

    I would be willing to assist in any way that I can. What kind of supplies and things do you need? What household items are usefull? Things like old newspapers, food, supplies? I think that if you would let others know items that you need people will supply them. I would advertise for you with flyers and on websites such as Craig's List. I would like to get some others together and pick up items that will assist you in the care of the animals.


    Great people trying to do all that they can


    Not enough of them to do it all

  • 8. Dog Homes

    by: texasm0m0f4

    My sister and I went to look for a family dog and we went to the back and looked by our self. We found one we liked and asked the staff for more information about him and they never came to the back after 30 mins of waiting we left and wentr to another rescue and found a perfect dog for our family. I just thought the staff should be more helpful, we are there looking for a pet and they should the dogs to find a ferever home. The young woman working in the front never even got out of her seat and she was not very friendly and there was also a man working who told us someone would be right back there to help us and neither of them came. \r\nI hope they can improve their customer service and find these doggies a home.


    Dogs are well taken care of


    Staff was to busy to help!!

  • 9. Friendly and Caring

    by: catweirdo143

    My brother and I went to adopt a dog after my brother's friend's dog got picked up. His friend was just going to let the dog get euthanized. The animal shelter was so excited that we were going to adopt the dog, they cut $10 dollars off the adoption fee and offered to spay the dog for free.




    not enough people are adopting

  • 10. Animals home away from home.

    by: carmellia

    I always recommend the Cleburne Animal Shelter to find an animal friend to all my friends, family and myself.


    Great place to find your best friend.


    too small to fit all animals that need homes.