Claws & paws veterinary hospital

2556 broadway street
Pearland, TX 77581
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. My Pets LOVE this place!!!!

    by: dchristoph

    The Doctors saved the life of my 14 year old indoor cat & my 13 year old puppy kid is in great shape due to their care & guidance. Everyone there is so helpful & friendly. Thanks Claws & Paws!!!


    All of the Vets really care about my animals - Very nice & clean place.


    Non that I can think of

  • 2. Didn't help my dying cat

    by: pearlandgirl

    Approximately 2 years ago, I walked into this clinic with my dying cat in my arms. The two individuals working at the desk showed zero emotion and told me the doctor was unavailable and to come back in an hour. My cat didn't have an hour and was suffering. I know they could have done something. I was very disappointed, as I have used this clinic previously, and found Dr. Julie to be very caring.




    poor customer service

  • 3. Awesome!

    by: Bonnnie

    Dr Wickel is amazing- she really has a gift with animals. This veterinary office, overall, is very nice, and The assistants obviously have a passion for animals. My only problem is last time we went to a different doctor (though still at Claws and Paws) and I realized later they forgot to take my dog's temp. \r\n\r\nGreat work guys!


    Clean Nice People


    Didn't take temp last time

  • 4. Recommend Claws & Paws

    by: dorseya

    Until our second dog passed away a few months ago, we used Claws and Paws for about 10 years. The staff was always very friendly and caring and always remembered our dogs. I thought we were getting the absolute best care we could possibly get for our pets. \r\n\r\nIt was usually fairly easy to make an appt. when I needed one, especially last minute. My only complaint would be the high bills we always paid at the end of any visit. Nothing is cheap! (But, I have no idea the prices of other vets to compare)


    Caring staff, ease of making an appt.



  • 5. Wonderful vet

    by: ljseaton

    We love our vet! They are nice to our dog and cats; they remember us and our dog's name when they see us; it's a clean and nicely kept facility; it's a convenient location to us. We recommend this vet to nearby residents; go by and visit them!


    Friendly, helpful, knowledgable, nice to all our animals