Clark county humane society

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Neillsville, WI 54456
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Make a home in your heart...

    by: dfeirer

    Handsome Monty and our Gorgeous Cleo are the loves of our life. They are CCHS Alumni from adoptions in 2008. In addition, to their sitter Chihuahua with canine qualities named ‘Lilah. We could not be happier! Our kids offer unconditional love 24/7. \r\n\r\nMonty came to us at approximately 6 years of age or so – he’s the biggest love you ever will meet. We’re battling with some liver difficulties at this time; however, the medications are working and give him a little lift in his steps. Thankfully, his appetite has returned and is back to normal. Cleo is a healthy 2 year old who also came to us from CCHS and is happy or sassy as ever when she wants to be. What would life be like, if our friendly feline did not have a edge to her personality? Life would be boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She loves her companion ‘Lilah and they chase around the house like they lived together their whole life. Better have a lap for 3 when you come to visit - they're all snugglers and kissers. Luckily we have not nippers in the bunch :)\r\n\r\nThank you, CCHS for taking care of our sweethearts until their adoption day. After all, they picked us!!!!\r\n


    Vet checked, no-kill, socialized, personable staff, offers place to get introduced to kitties with time allotted in its own environment


    Additional info from returned animals useful to new adopter

  • 2. so so

    by: glendasmom

    I adopted from this shelter. I was impressed with how clean the shelter was. I was also super impressed with their staff. I was unable to adopt my puppy the week i thought and they offered to hold her two weeks. not sure if this was because they had no other applicants, or if they really wanted me to be her forever home. What i was not impressed with however was that knowing i was driving from 3.5 hours away they did not give the puppy a bath and she was very dirty. She washed up fine, but thought that would be some going the extra mile. The Kitty City looked pretty cool and two kitties went out while i was there.


    no kill


    no bath

  • 3. Horrible Staff

    by: tristanichole

    Working with these people was a complete nightmare. \nThe only reason I can even rate this place what I did is because it's a no kill shelter and I like the set up for the cats, other than that, they are rude and not understanding about anything. Obviously I would say adopt from them, only because it's one more unwanted animal out of the shelter, but I would never ever suggest being a foster home. If you do you better be perfect in every way - if not they'll let you know about it.


    No Kill


    Horrible Customer Service

  • 4. good and bad

    by: labrdogs

    I have not adopted from them but they have contacted me abotu a pup we adopted that was microchipped. They wanted a full rate even though it wasn't our neglect of the dog.


    no kill shelter


    not a knowledgeable as I would like to see