Clackamas county animal control shelter

13141 se highway 212
Clackamas , OR 97015
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Management Problems

    by: MeezerMa

    As a former volunteer of this shelter, I saw alot going on. The management tells new volunteers that it is a "no kill" shelter, when it actually puts down twenty percent of it's dogs every month. The manager picks out the dogs to be disposed of. She does not know the dogs except on paper. Dogs are put down if they are old, have fixable/ non-fixable health issues, deemed aggressive(by someone that does not know how to handle big guardian breeds), Pit Bulls, Am Staffs, Rotties no matter how sweet they are. \n I can't count how many dogs that I have tried to help that have been put down. One was a Pit Bull, sweet, frightened, with a easy cured fungal skin disease. I bought a special soap for her and bathed her several times. Next thing I know she's dead.\n Most of the dogs need to be trained, to be adopted, most are not given a chance.\n The manager is RUDE and mean to the staff and volunteers she doesn't like. I was bad mouthed within earshot several times. Glarred at. Had rude comments passed off as jokes. My foster care and training efforts where ignored (at an annual company dinner, I received an award for the hours I put in, but she told the group, all I did was transport animals). After the lead control officer left, she comes over to check on the kennel staff as if they have never done their jobs before. She ignores suggestions to make the shelter better.\n The kennel staff deserves a better boss and more respect. They are on the frontlines cleaning up the mess, and dealing with the public (ack, said Bill the cat!). The kennel is understaffed, there are only four people working the kennel.\n THINGS THAT WOULD IMPROVE THE SHELTER\n 1-The shelter needs to provide counseling to potential adopters to avoid animals being returned.\n 2-Allow cats into the shelter, instead of them being dumped all over the county.\n 3-Slow down the "kill list", give more dogs a chance.\n 4- A NEW boss\n 5-More staff, trained staff, that knows how to train, treat disease, and reabilitate dogs.\n 6- See the animals as "living beings", not disposable garbage.


    The kennel staff is great


    The person in charge creates more problems, than solving problems

  • 2. Clackamas County should start helping cats

    by: kcovey26

    Clackamas County is a huge county. With limited funds and space, the shelter does a good job caring for the dogs. They developed some great collaberations with the other shelters to better serve the dogs of the county.\r\n\r\nThe county commissioners NEED to recognize cats. There is a crisis with cat overpopulation in the Portland area. Clackamas needs to step up and be part of the solution for felines.


    Doing a good job with their mission and funding


    county needs to recognize cats

  • 3. Important work for dogs

    by: danielai

    I think it is unfortunate that this facility cannot provide services for cats. Like so many unlucky shelters, the taxpayers for this county have decided (my understanding) that they do not want to support a resource for cats. It is important that Dove Lewis and Cat Adoption Team are able to take cats from this county. They do good work for homeless dogs--it is a hard situation.


    Working to help homeless animals


    No program for cats

  • 4. Wonderful Job!

    by: theresavincent

    Keep up the good work.


    Wonderful love of cats amd dogs.



  • 5. Great place for homeless dogs

    by: RMWeiss603

    This is a great shelter for dogs. They have certainly put a great deal of thought into making it a dog-friendly facility. The excercise yard is terrific. I only wish that Clackamas County offered services to the needy felines in their jurisdiction as well.


    Great place for homeless dogs


    No services for cats

  • 6. View dogs online

    by: HelpMeSpock

    View dogs online at\n\n\n\nAdoption, and \nLost & Found Pets


    Save a dog


    over population- spay and neuter your animals