City of weatherford-parker county animal shelter

403 hickory lane
Weatherford, TX 76086
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Best Shelter in the Area!

    by: thebrandys

    This is the first shelter I always recommend to people in our area because the facilities are organized and clean, the staff is friendly, and the process of adoption does not turn away potentially great homes. They do a great job here, and having been to many shelters in the DFW area, I truly believe this one is the best overall when you take everything into consideration. Adopt a pet from Weatherford today!!


    Clean, friendly, easy adoption process


    Need bigger facilities -- donate people!! :)

  • 2. Fantastic People

    by: blondy62

    My ex-hubby was helping me look for a dog. We had tried shelters all over the metroplex, this was the best run of all of them! He wasn't even looking for a dog for himself, he is more of a cat person. But Pyxis instantly stole his heart! He adopted her one day, picked her up the next afternoon after she had been spayed. But the best part of it all was the fact that they knew she was headed to a home with a cat and they used TomTom (the resident cat) to see how she would react to one. Now you rarely see my ex without his new buddy!


    Great people that really care for the animals


    nothing on their part, just not enough room

  • 3. a great shelter

    by: ztT4MP43374500_DEAD

    I love going to the Weatherford shelter. At the moment I am using a walker to get around & I went there to see if I could find a small dog that I could adopt. Instead of me having to walk around, they bought me a small dog, & put it in my lap. They are truly wonderful & helpful people. They also put a picture of an animal each week in the local paper to get the public to see the animals there & hopefully get them adopted.


    very clean & friendly staff


    need to adopt Pitt bulls

  • 4. Weatherford Shelter Wonderful

    by: klee1954

    Great shelter. Needs more room, everywhere. To have a low cost spay/neuter clinic would be GREAT for Weatherford, & Parker Co. They need to educate the city about how loving Pitt Bulls can be, & what a wonderful pet they can be. any animal can be made mean, & the staff understands that. I'm glad we have a wonderful animal shelter.


    Well educated staff & volunteers


    Doesn't adopt Pitt Bulls

  • 5. Very nice shelter

    by: Tigger66

    The shelter is very good overall. They take good of the animals, and have made a number of improvements at the shelter especially to the dog area. The cat area needs to be renovated, but I believe they have plans to do this.


    recently renovated part of the shelter


    cat area needs improment

  • 6. Weatherford Shelter

    by: k9stylist

    You couldn't ask for a better group of people.From the paid staff ,volunteers and the people that help with money and product donations.Parker county loves it's shelter.




    need more volunteers