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City Of Moscow Dog Park

2019 White Ave
Moscow, ID 83843

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Big area and friendly people

    by: bronzepony444

    Pepper, my dog, had not been socialized untill I got him at a year and half old. I was very scared to let him lose at a dog park, but after careful consideration I allowed him to run lose. As much aggression as he seems to show on the leash, all seems to dissapear around other dogs when allowed to go free. I love taking him here every once in a while to allow him to get to know other dogs. I love how other people allow thier dogs to meet and greet on their own!! Thank you Moscow!


    Lots of room, trees, grass and big tires to play on


    No alot of dogs ALL the time

  • 2. The fun place

    by: cowboy102

    When i had my dog cowboy I would take him and my little girl and they both had alot of fun and i had fun watching them play.


    Plenty of exersize


    not enough time in a day

  • 3. Excellent place for dogs

    by: alanwrench78

    great spot to take your dog if they like to run and play with other dogs


    dogs have a great time


    Gets muddy when it rains

  • 4. Moscow Dog Park, fun for puppies and their people

    by: sparkletiff

    When we first moved to Moscow, we didn't know anyone. Then we got a dog and started going to the local dog park. Little did I know that I would make so many new friends at the Moscow Dog Park. It is a social place to gather, not just for the dogs but for their people. My dog loves her doggie friends and we have visited the park almost daily for the past couple of years- in the mud, in the snow and in the heat of summer. \n\nA couple of months ago, we adopted a new dog, who has some trust issues with other dogs. So, we haven't been able to go as much. But, hopefully we will be able to work on our new pup to be a good dog park dog. Our fingers are crossed that things will work out because we miss all of our dog park friends.


    fenced, off leash area, next to the local shelter


    need a larger space to accomodate all the dogs

  • 5. best dog park ever

    by: Jessjo808

    This is a great park for dogs to socialize with each other.


    Dogs can run around.


    Sometimes other dogs are not so friendly.

  • 6. good place for dogs

    by: Wrangler18

    I went there once with a friend and it was raining like crazy. The dog had fun but I was tired of being wet.




    no shelter for us humans

  • 7. Fun, fun, fun

    by: veterinarytechnician

    This park is a great place to bring your dog to run around and play with other dogs. There are tires to run through and jump on and always lots of toys in the park. It is a fairly large fenced in area, so you don't have to worry about the dogs running into traffic. The only bad thing about the park is that it gets really mucky in the spring when the snow melts off, because the grass usually gets killed in the winter by the packed down snow from constant use. The dogs don't seem to mind though! Not very fun if you don't have a truck to stick the muddy dog in, though.


    dogs have a wonderful place to socialize


    the park gets very messy and muddy in the spring

  • 8. let um run!

    by: AnimalCracker

    My dogs love the dog park. There are a lot of people who go on a regular basis so my dogs have friends that they love getting to see. The only real problem with the park is people not understanding dog behavior. Play styles and so forth. The biggest problem that I run into is that one of my dogs is a rescue dog and I am still working on his food aggression. I run into the problem of treats inside the park. My dog is not the only dog who goes that has that issue, so things can get a little scary sometimes when food is brought into the park.


    a great place to socailize


    not everyone understands dog behavior

  • 9. Great place

    by: CatCrazy85

    This is a great place to take dogs from the shelter! It gives them a chance to socialize with other people and dogs, and gives you a chance to play in a wide open space that's safe.


    open air, socialization, playtime


    open air

  • 10. fun fun fun

    by: stevecorr68

    i love taking the dogs to the park.





  • 11. FunFunFun

    by: Learning2flyFly

    Lots of fun for my pups!


    Easy to access, ample off-street parking



  • 12. Nice Facility

    by: lagraham

    Great place to take your dogs to play and socialize. Very nice facility with lots of fun features for the dogs!


    Large Space



  • 13. Doggie Playground

    by: moscowkatiebug

    This place is great for dogs to get a chance for some dog playtime and is spacious enough for them to run around and chase each other. There is plenty of water available and clean up equipment is on hand. There is also chuck its for those tennis balls that get a little slobbery. I would recommend bringing your well behaved dog here, they will love it.


    Nice location, secure, and dogs love it there


    Sometimes irresponsible owners don't clean up