City of denton animal services

300 s. woodrow ln.
Denton, TX 76205
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Good Facility

    by: Atecck6

    I was at the Denton Animal Services on Saturday. They held a shot clinic and I took my animals for their yearly shots. They have a very nice staff. The animals are well cared for and healthy. I would suggest to anyone who is looking for a pet to check them out. The fee is a little higher than some, but the animal comes fully vetted.


    Clean, friendly staff, healthy animals


    older facility

  • 2. Empathy most shelters don't have

    by: delona

    I like Denton Animal Shelter. I think they try their best to find the animals homes. They the AWESOME VOLUNTEERS, especially Amy. :)


    knowledgable workers


    building need sto be remodeled.

  • 3. Denton Rocks but needs a new facility!

    by: saveapei

    For what the ACO's have to work with, they are doing a phenomenal job. Many shelters around the area could look to them as an example of dealing with both the public and with Rescue groups. In order to better serve the citizens, the shelter has low-cost vaccination and microchip clinics for pet owners. The entire organization clearly runs on a shoestring budget but delivers top-notch results on a daily basis. Anyone who visits will be immediately touched by the care the animals receive and the professionalism of the staff. The building is so outdated that the City Council and residents of Denton should be ashamed and demanding a new facility. Caring staff can only do so much. It is time for citizens to become involved and help ensure either a new facility is built or that the current facility receives a thorough upgrade. Denton Animal Services is dealing with all the problems of 21st century pet-overpopulation but with a 1940s building and tools.


    Great staff, works with Rescue, has community events


    Shelter is outdated and too small!

  • 4. Good faciliy

    by: whaussies

    Whenever I have been here, the facility has been very clean and they have done the best they could with the animals that they have.


    Good people


    best they can

  • 5. Okay experience with them

    by: tabchance

    We got a dog from here years ago and it was great. The people we dealt with were very helpful and we had no problems. He was an excellent animal, too! Later experiences were not as positive; the staff wasn't as friendly or willing to work with us to find the right animal. I know they are understaffed, which could very well be the reason for this. I would not discourage anyone from adopting here.


    Inexpensive, friendly staff for the most part


    Overworked staff, not enough money