City of buffalo animal shelter

380 north oak street
Buffalo, NY 14203
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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. They are trying

    by: EdwardKolodziej

    This shelter gets everyones pets from the city that they no longer want. They then have to find a home for that cat or dog.


    Good location right in the city


    THey need more space or help

  • 2. I wish the city would offer them better funding

    by: BattleCats

    I wish the city could provide this shelter with more funds. The volunteers are very hard working and are doing the best they can. I can only hope that the Erie County SPCA with an operating budget of a couple of MILLION DOLLARS a year helps out this shelter with adoptable animals. If they don't they really should


    Do the best with what they have


    no money

  • 3. the animal shelter rocks!

    by: ztT4MP89223421

    We got our cat from this shelter. Our vet told us to go here rather than the SPCA because these animals NEED a home!!!!!!!!!! Our sweet kitten was found wandering the streets of buffalo, all alonr in the sweltering July heat. A very nice lady brought him to this shelter, and this might've saved our little guy's life! Here, the caring staff nursed him back to health. When we went there, and went in the meet and greet room and one worker was so very attached to this cat, we could truely see how much he loved our cat. We also saw a purebreed beagle and a purebreed chihuahua that were once strays. Please help this shelter get it's funding and pupblicity it deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    a lot of wonderful animals, that need homes! yes, they even have purebreeds that once were strays.


    Not many people know they addopt out animals.

  • 4. Unsure

    by: Joannmca

    I was appalled to hear the story about the christmas party gone wrong when one of the employees STABBED a pitbull. No excuse, he should be charged legally and fired imediately...


    good press coverage


    bad story

  • 5. Good things can come out of bad situations...

    by: JulieBoolie46

    This is a small shelter that is underfunded, and has gotten some very bad press as of late. A makeover to the facility would be a step in the right direction, and could provide a much needed boost to a very discouraged staff and volunteer base. The animals need a new facility, the current facility is outdated and does not provide a quality environment for these animals to live until they find their forever homes. Perhaps something good can come out of recent unfortunate events?


    Great animal control staff, committed volunteers.


    Poor conditions, limited resources

  • 6. One bad employee don't make a bad sheleter

    by: ourstaff

    I think that the messure of a agency is its response to a problem. This shelter recently was faced with a problem employee who stabbed a dog with a pen knife. They reacted by suspending that employee and the shelter director while an outside agency (the SPCA) looks into the matter. The final outcome and what charges will be made have not been decided at the time of this review.\r\n\r\nDuring the rest of the year a group of hard working, under paid people worked to help the people and pets in the city of Buffalo to the best of their ability. The city was and will continue to be a better place because of them.\r\n\r\nI will continue to look forward to seeing Anne and her pick of the week on "Pet Talk Tuesday"\r\n


    They do alot in a city faced with budget problem


    Recent bad press

  • 7. Seen the News?

    by: ChiChiChick

    I saw on the news that one of the guys who works there got drunk at a holiday party and stabbed a dog that was under his care. #1: why were they drinking on City property? #2: why was he carrying a knife? #3: why would someone like that even be trusted to be around animals, let alone care for them? The news said he was suspended. He should have been fired!


    Absolutely none!!!


    Where do I begin?

  • 8. Good place to look for a new pet

    by: Ashles

    I adopted my cat from here last February. The staff was very friendly and helpful but also very busy, which is understandable and not really a bad thing.\n\nAs I was walking in, there was a volunteer playing in the snow with one of the dogs. Cute. Inside, the shelter was quite clean, and all the animals looked well cared for.\n\nI'd recommend this shelter to anyone looking to adopt a cat or dog in this area.


    Friendly staff


    Busy; small rooms

  • 9. Eh

    by: BichonBaby

    My friend found a dog and put it in his fenced in yard, so he called and they said they only pick up LOOSE dogs. He did half their job FOR them--so why wouldn't they be grateful? And he pays their salaries!


    Friendly Guys over there



  • 10. Please help them

    by: Middlecat

    The buffalo animal shelter has the tough job of trying to save and rescue our companion animals, but also has the burden of being the legal containment for many animals caught up with legal issues or aggressive or captured animals.\nThe shelter has done outstanding work to improve its image and clean up its shelter. all done with little or no support for the local municipality. it has been done with only volunteers and the love and dedication of the staff.\nThis place is not the "pound" Give them a chance to show you how much they have changed and want to help our companion animals.


    Trying their best to help our animals


    people still see this as the "pound"