Chubbuck animal shelter city of chubbuck

5160 yellowstone ave.
Chubbuck, ID 83202
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User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Desperately seeking

    by: mustangsally

    They try to do their best with what little they have. Their heart and soul go to work with them each day with very very little space, help, and funds. Hopefully for the sake of this fast growing city, they will some day soon be able to have a larger facility, and more staff to better benefit our community. Thanks to everyone at the shelter, I appreciate you!


    Try their best with what they have.


    Can't keep up to keep up.

  • 2. cubbuck

    by: mccothom

    i have never had an animal problem but when i was looking for a lost dog they where very frendly and helpfull.


    the staff is frendly


    i have never delt with them much

  • 3. Tiny but Tough

    by: Kristen

    I love volunteering at the shelter. It makes me sad that they are unable to house more animals, and this is only because they have to euthanize to make room for others. Tim and Megan continue to do what they can with their limited resources. They are in desperate need of a kennel cleaner staff member. I pray that the City will see the light in regard to the growth of the city and the need for a better shelter, more staff and a reasonable budget.


    The workers their love Animals


    It is really tiny, understaffed & in desperate need of repair.

  • 4. Small Shelter

    by: Cozabbysmom

    I visited the shelter for the first time the other day.\r\nI wish there were more money available to expand the facility. It is very small.


    Caring Staff


    Very Small facility

  • 5. A great place!

    by: melissajane

    I love this animal shelter and I see animals from here on the news all the time looking for good homes. I know they need more room and I know they are very helpful and a really great place!


    They are a great small town shelter!


    Need more room!!!

  • 6. caring but small shelter

    by: fancylillady

    The officiers are loving and caring. They the job done with a small building and sometimes with few supplies. The town is growing and the building is getting to small.


    loving and caring


    too small to deal with a growing town

  • 7. we need this

    by: rachie

    Our town's shelter really needs this. I just hope more people will get on and accumulate points. ****20 points !!*****


    Great staff


    little area to work

  • 8. They desperatly need help. The shelter is kept very clean and is heated.

    by: ztT4MP84363928

    Collect aluminum cans to purchase dog food with. Community donations help keep the shelter going.


    dedicated staff and do an excellent job with what they have to work with.


    very small and will not handle the number of animals for the population.

  • 9. Chubbuck not lacking in character only funds

    by: hollylolly

    This could be an amazing shelter with great workers and people. The only real issue is space and funds. This place has the potential it just needs the push into making it amazing. Not only are they respectful in person but also when you call they make great efforts to help you never feel rushed.


    Friendly great knowledgeable staff


    limited space and outdated facility and little funding

  • 10. Chubbuck deserves it

    by: savisher

    I think anyone who cares enough about animals to run a shelter deserves the support of the community to improve it and allow it to continue to serve Chubbuck residents.


    loving volunteers


    small space

  • 11. Shelter has earned a facelift!!!

    by: wags2

    The Chubbuck animal shelter is a very small and outdated facility. The staff try's very hard to care for and keep the animals as long as possible. I have adopted 2 cats from the shelter and have had a very good experience each time. Thank you for all you do and I hope the "makeover team" helps to give you the facility you deserve. GOOD LUCK!


    They do a waonderful with the limited resources they have!!


    Need more room with updated equipment/facilities to properly care for the animals.

  • 12. Great staff does well with what they have

    by: winter51

    The CAS people are a dedicated staff and really do need any help that they can get. Their place is so small and they have to work so hard at keeping it and the animals clean, feed and happy (which they do). A compasionate and loving staff that does all they can for the animals and the city of Chubbuck.


    Very nice to work with. Very dedicated staff in all ways.


    Hard to keep a small place like this clean all the time. Also a very small budget limits their effectivness with injured or sick animals.