Christopher Columbus Dog Park

4600 N. Silverbell
Tucson, AZ

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Nice Place

    by: taylor1907

    I really like this park, there is alot of space and 2 areas one for bigger and one for smaller dogs. The only thing I dont like is it is mostly dirt and thats it.


    alot of space


    just dirt

  • 2. West Side Dog Park

    by: ahamblin

    Christopher Columbus Dog Park is located on the westside of town. It has 2 fenced, off-leash areas for big and small dogs. The area is dirt, no grass. This park never really has any crowds. Outside of the off-leash area is a man-made lake for fishing. There is no swimming, so if you dog likes to take off for the water, you may want to avoid this park so as not to tempt him or her.


    Fenced, off-leash dog park