Christina Animal Hospital

6165 S Florida Ave
Lakeland, FL 33813

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Great Surgeon

    by: Lillygoat

    Lilly, our mix we adopted seven years ago from the Lakeland SPCA, recently need hip surgery. We opted to use Dr. Easom and are very pleased with the result. In abbreviated and super laymans terms, she had what is called an Open Reduction and it's where they pin the femur to the socket to allow good scar tissue to build and hold everything together and then take the pin out. Let me tell you, it is a hard surgery and recovery to get through! Horrible for the dog and for the people! It has all been a success (it's only been about 4 weeks since the surgery) but be prepared for an emotional and exhausting recovery period. I'm really glad we chose Dr. Easom and we will continue to use him for anything else. The office staff is nice too; especially Lacey.


    Dr. Easom is a great surgeon


    Pricey but it wasn't overly so as it was comparable to our other option.

  • 2. Awesome Vet & Staff

    by: Nonnie96

    The clinic is clean, the staff is extremely hospitable and Dr. Easom is awesome! He performed knee replacement surgery on one of my kids. Two days after surgery she was trying to run around. I haven't seen her feeling this good in a long time. She had been in so much pain. Dr. Easom is energetic, funny and knowledgeable. Thank you for helping my little girl!


    Best orthopedist in town.



  • 3. Best Orthopedic Vet in Central Florida

    by: MarySPCA

    Max Easom is the best orthopedic surgeon in central Florida. He's a straight shooting, no-nonsense vet who tells it like it is, leading some to say his bedside manner needs improvement, but he has no equal in the surgery room. The only clinic in the area with the equipment to do microscopic surgeries. Prices on spaying and neutering are among the most affordable in Polk County - but be prepared to pay big bucks for the complex orthopedic surgeries.


    Max Easom is the best orthopedic vet in central Florida


    Complex procedures are pricey. Room for improvement on customer service.

  • 4. we loved it!

    by: 2cocoalove

    this is the only vet. we take our babies to now. they are caring and kind vets. glad we found you:-)





  • 5. ok

    by: oscrat

    it is an ok vet . good vets





  • 6. Caring Staff

    by: joelmoto

    Caring staff, nice facility, and good hours. Pet friendly staff works to accomodate customers. Dr. Fulton is highly recommended!


    Staff takes the time to explain in detail your pets issues and options to resolve problems