Chris bessent dvm

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Oconomowoc, WI 53064

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  • 1. great vet!!!

    by: instride

    I couldn't disagree more with "bormal".Dr Chris has been my vet for many years helping me save many of my dogs and horses from disabling problems that other vets were unable to help with. If you had a problem remembering your appointment, I am sure she would have gotten back to you in a timely manner, which might not have been fast enough for you. I would ask you to consider that she is a one person practice , and unable to jump on the phone when she is in the middle of treating others, which by the way I appreciate her focus on my animals when I'm there..It sounds as if you were a bit impatient calling several times and threatening to cancel if you didn't get a call back. I would hope you understand that an answering service does their job in passing messages along.If you were rude and impatient with them, that is how they would impart the message.Also according to your post,.. you had entrusted your animals to her care,...and had received good enough results to continue . Sounds to me that you were the rude one here and got what you deserved.


    eastern and western medicine, herbs, very resourceful


    1 person practice

  • 2. Bad Customer Service

    by: ibeamybs

    Over a month and half ago I called her to get our 10 yr old Doberman in for an exam as he was diagnosed with onset DM, she told me at the time she treated it with Chiro adjustments & accupuncture so that was great, well our appt was last week Wed Sept 28, her answering service called that day to say she was suffering from a migraine and was cancelling all appts for the day and if she did not call me back to reschedule in a couple of days I should call, WTH what if my dog was dying? I gave her the benefit of the doubt and waited until yesterday Oct 3 for a callback and nothing so I called, got her answering service and they told me she would call give her a reminder msg to call me as of today I am still waiting---I did some research last night and found another vet in our area who practices the same thing sent her an email and she already responded.....Dr Bessent has lost our business already before it even started, must be tough to think your God! If I could give a no star rating I would......


    Never got far enough to find out


    Took too long for appt, bad at call backs

  • 3. Inconsistent-Often RUDE

    by: bormal

    We have gone to Dr. Bessent a couple of times regarding different things. OUr experience was VERY positive the first couple of times-several years ago. The last time (starting in April 2011) it has been hard to deal with this vet and her clinic. She has an answering service which answers her calls most of the time- I have given my name and phone number with a request to return my call two times. Both times I called back myself as my call was not returned. The second time it was regarding an appointment 4 days away. When I called back, stating that I did not remember the time of my appointment- only the date- I told the answering service that if I did not receive a call back, they should cancel the appointment as I would not know what time to go to keep it. I got a call from Dr. Bessent several hours later telling me that I had called and said she was told that I was "angry" about my calls not being returned, and because of this she believed I was one of those who believed the earth rotated around me alone and she would LOVE to cancel the appointment because she absolutely did not want to deal with people like me. Then she hung up without allowing me to speak at all. Is this her idea of customer service??? I would hate to entrust my dogs' health to this vet as her behavior at this time seems highly irrational. If I could give less than 1 star I would do so- based on the recent treatment I have received there.




    Rude- when you are able to get to the vet at all

  • 4. Alternative Medicine Vet

    by: JannaO

    Dr. Bessent is a wonderful vet that provides chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine for animals. Our Newf's life was prolonged for 3 years and made more comfortable because of the Chinese Herbs he was on. He lived to 12 1/2. She is practical and charges fairly for her services. I recommend her to anyone looking for alternatives to Western Medicine.


    Alternative treatments


    Can be a long wait for an appt.