Chow bella pet spa

11939 ventura boulevard
Studio city, CA 91604
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  • 1. Chow Bella KILLED MY CAT

    by: Danderson1

    First of all, I wouldn't DARE give this place even one star. THE NEGLECT AND PURE STUPIDITY OF THE OWNER AND EMPLOYEES OF THIS "SPA" KILLED MY CAT! All she went in for was a wash and a hair cut and I picked up my cat DEAD! My healthy, 3 year old kitty--DEAD. Out of FIVE people, NO ONE took responsibility, not even the owner. They said her breathing became light and she collapsed while they were bathing her. Instead of taking her to the emergency vets, literally ACROSS THE STREET, they just laid her on a metal table in the back and let her die saying they thought "maybe she'd just wake up". How UNPROFESSIONAL and IGNORANT must you be to not take any action whatsoever in the case of an emergency like this?? Not to mention, I had signed a legal contract before dropping her off that stated "in the case of an emergency, the pet owner shall incur all costs to the pet spa as well as the E.R. clinic". Still NO ACTION. The owner kept changing his story and eventually the truth came out--that they didn't take her to the E.R vet because they didn't have my credit card on file and he didn't want to risk having to foot the bill in case we didn't for whatever reason (even though I signed a legal doc stating that I am liable). So, because this decision was made for monetary reasons, he'd rather let an animal suffer to its death, alone on a cold metal table. Someone who feels that little of compassion towards animals should NEVER be allowed to be in a business that is soley responsible for their wellbeing. Once I arrived at Chow Bella to find my cat dead, and with the most terribly uneven haircut I've ever seen on an animal, I still immediately took her to the E.R. for any possible chance of reviving her. The vet said her tongue was purple, which means she had a lack of oxygen and has been dead for some time already. I guess I will never know the real reason behind why she would have a lack of oxygen while they were bathing her. Upon further investigation after this matter it has been uncovered that, in fact, prior to this, he's had animals die in his care. The owner is a LIAR and said he has been in business for 15 years and has never had a hurt animal in his care. Also, if you've been in the business for that long, how do you not know that an E.R. vet does NOT require an approved credit card BEFORE they treat a distressed or dying animal?? How has he neglected to train his employees on an emergency protocol? I am appalled that this place has not been shut down by now. Nothing can bring back my Pumie but I will make it a point to report this UNETHICAL practice to the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and so forth. I understand that sometimes freak things happen but the issue here was not of whatever caused my cat to not receive oxygen, it was their lack of preparation or knowledge in the case of an emergency which ultimately caused my cat's death. The only way I can begin to heal from this devastating tragedy is to make people aware of their history as well as their skewed priorities so it cannot happen to anyone else. Losing my Pumie girl has been like losing a child. I miss her so much and would never wish this feeling on anyone. Please, please research a groomer thoroughly before taking your pooch or kitty in and STAY AWAY FROM CHOW BELLA PET KILLERS.




    horrible service, lack of professionalism, unethical, horrible grooming and cuts