Chippewa county humane association

10501 county hwy south
Chippewa falls, WI 54729
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. CCHS is a very pleasant shelter to visit and volunteer.

    by: boydybear

    I have adopted a black lab mix and later two black cats from this shelter. On all of my visits I have found the shelter to be in really great condition and the staff friendly. The dogs are located in a area which allows for fresh air during warm weather. There is a large outdoor area where you can take a dog for a walk and play so you can see what they are like outside of the kennel. The kitties are in well maintained kennels and some are even lucky enough to have a room where they can live together and enjoy views from two windows, including watching the front door! I recommend this shelter for anyone looking to adopt a pet or looking for a positive volunteer experience.


    Cleanliness and bright, airy dog areas.


    Noise in the kennel area.

  • 2. They do their best

    by: Ladyktty

    This Shelter is where I adopted both Toonce and Xander. the cost of bringing them home was nominal, and the staff was great in letting me take my time and visit with all the animals and answered all my questions. (I had LOTS of questions) they seemed to know each animal personally, and try their best to give the animals a good temporary home. there isn't much money for lost and lonely animals around here, and they really do the best they can for an all donation shelter. I would reccomend to anyone to adopt from here, or to volunteer, it's so easy to help.


    Knowledgable, Caring Staff


    Small shelter, No cat runs

  • 3. Great Place! Very friendly

    by: luvminicoper

    Great place and friendly staff, big open fenced in area to interact with the dogs, and a big open area to interact with cats. Let you play for as long as you'd like.


    Great staff and clean place!


    Kind of far away from my home. But worth the trip!