Chicago animal care & control

2741 south western avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Lots of Animals to Adopt

    by: Bellacat3

    There are a lot of animals housed at this facility. Prepare to be overwhelmed. However, they probably do have the type of pet that you are looking for. When you adopt from here, you are truely saving a life. All pets are up to date on their shots, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. The staff appears overworked and highly stressed out so please be patient. Without them, all those animals would be out in the streets. That said please don't give them a pet unless you want it to die. Very few pets reach the adoption floor. Thankfully, a lot of strays are transfered to other shelters and rescues in the area.


    lots of pets to adopt, save a life, take in all pets


    kill facility, small adoption space for cats, where do the critters go?

  • 2. Caring staff

    by: LaraH

    When our 15 tear old border collie passed away suddenly at home on July 3 some years ago, we took her here. The staff were very nice and understanding at this difficult time.


    Caring staff


    None that I saw.

  • 3. Awesome adoption option!

    by: darbythewonderdog

    This facility gets a bad rap from some, but my guess is those naysayers haven't spent much time getting to know what actually goes on here...\r\nFirst, to put things in perspective, this is an open-door (obliged to accept any animal at any time)animal care/control facility in one of the largest cities in the nation. When you consider the insane numbers of animals that come through those doors every day, along with responding to horrendous situations city-wide brought about by the ignorance, irresponsibility and downright cruelty of people...I've always thought that the atmosphere here is very positive, even pleasant when compared to some other large shelters I've seen.\r\n\r\nThey are definitely understaffed and rely almost solely on volunteers to work in the adoption room...but based upon my experience, I wouldn't hesitate in the least to adopt a dog from here in the future.


    lots of great dogs; dedicated volunteer staff


    low staff numbers; dependent on volunteers

  • 4. seems good

    by: Cate

    We looked for a pup here and it seemed clean and well kept. Although we didn't adopt from here the staff was nice and helpful as well as knowledgeable. It was a good experience and the dogs all looked healthy and as happy as they could be under the circumstances. I was surprised at how well kept the place was.


    seemed good



  • 5. They need help, volunteer if you can!!

    by: ympina

    I adopted my very first cat from there. He was deathly ill, and it cost me $1200 to save his life. When I brought the cat back for care they said I could exchange for another - NO WAY!! I fell in love with that cat and I wasn't going to exchange it!\n\nDepending on the time of day you visit the kennels may be clean. There isn't enough staff to give dogs walks and they rely on volunteers to do that. You also have to wait for a tour to see any potential dogs/cats you are interested in adopting.\n\nI am always reluctant to take strays into this shelter because of their 70% kill rate. Too many people giving up their pets, and not enough responsible owners spaying and neutering their pets too.\n\nPlease consider adopting a pet from there, but know the responsibilities of being a pet parent and be ready for the cost. Don't buy pets, adopt from this shelter - you'll be saving a life.\n\n\n\n


    Have great pets waiting for a home


    Under-staffed, a kill shelter

  • 6. Adopt from here if you live in the city

    by: emilygruszka

    The second doggy love of my life came from here. We were treated very well by volunteers here as well as staff.


    great volunteers, nice facility