Chestnut Veterinary Clinic

850 West Chestnut Street
Washington, PA 15301

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Been going here for years...

    by: phoenix87

    I have been going to this clinic for years. All of my dogs have gone here for: spaying, flee treatment, heartworm pills, etc. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a vet in the area. I have gone to other clinics to see if I could find a better one, and so far this one is the best.


    prices moderate, staff friendly


    usually crowded, only one exam room

  • 2. I am using this clinic for my newest puppy

    by: Alyzabeth

    I have used this clinic for years, and could take my dogs and cats anywhere I like. I prefer to stay with this one. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this clinic.


    I have found the staff members to be caring and compassionate.


    They don't have a certified avian vet.

  • 3. Not for us

    by: reagandog

    We took our dog there for years, but always (after the first visit) found them to be too buisness-like and not that friendly. They were professional, but we prefer an environment with more of a caring touch.




    too buisness-like

  • 4. Not a friendly vet

    by: darthmickey7

    I was taking my lab there, but she did not like him. She liked his assistant. He does not have a good bedside manor with the animals


    Can't think of a one


    Vet is not friendly

  • 5. Wonderful People & Convenient

    by: leslielou

    I have been taking all of my pets to this vet for about 1 1/2 years now. They all have been wonderful. Everyone is nice and caring. I have called numerous times with issues and have got an appointment right away. I recently just put one cat down & they were willing to wait for me to get there before they closed and were very supportive - even mailed me a sympathy card the next week. \r\nI will say that our first appointment ever with this vet he seemed a little dry not talkative but would answer any questions we had BUT from that appointment on he has talked, gave advice, talked with the animals, etc. I would recommend to anyone. I am not afraid to take my animals to him at all.


    Convenient, Will Listen


    At first - seems backward

  • 6. Great Clinic

    by: mholden

    The clinic is is nice. The customer service is great, they handle the customers and there pets very well. The vet. is a nice man willing to work with the animal if he/or she is scared. He takes his time with them to the best of his ability. I would recomend a better seating arrangment though. Butch my dog is a little bad around other animals sometimes.


    The vet is very understanding


    Different seating arrangments


    by: rxlady

    I have not used this clinic lately, but in the past the veterinarian was a life saver for our horse. She had developed a problem, and he wan the ONLY vet who was compassionate enough to come and treat her. Otehrs said "She'll be dead by the time we get there". Not only did he treat her, but she lived for several years after. He definitely was a LIFESAVER,





  • 8. they are caring but getting expensive

    by: mld11045

    I recently adopted two stray kittens. on calling the clinic , i was informed that for shots and spaying it would cost me around 480.00 dollars for both..does that seem high? am going to tiger ranch


    close to my home



  • 9. Convenient

    by: dolcelavita27

    Although I take my pets to another local vet, this vet was extremely convenient for me when I needed Prescription food in a rush when my vet didn't have any. The receptionist was very nice to me and always had a spare supply of the food.





  • 10. Never had a problem

    by: smp175

    I have known the vet for many years, long before he bought Chestnut Vetinary Hosp and was making house calls and he has always been profession and courteous with me and my pets. He keeps his education updated and explains things to me. I have never had a problem. His staff is wonderful and the prices are comparable to other places. Health care is expensive for your pets, they are just like human beings.


    Good caring staff, updated on education vet


    none from my perspective as I am in health care and know what emergency medicine is like

  • 11. Have never had a problem

    by: seriouslyplaying

    I have been going to this vet for many years. I had one dog and one cat put to sleep here and the staff and vets were very compassionate. They let me take as long as I needed. I now have 6 dogs so I am a frequent visitor. I have received discounts on numerous occassions.


    evening hours


    never had a problem

  • 12. Prescription fees unprofessional

    by: 1cutedog

    I had a dog with what Chestnut diagnosed with Kennel cough. He was treated with amoxicillin for several weeks. It turns out he had Congestive heart failure, not Kennel cough, and needed repeat prescriptions for Lasix and Amoxicillin. The vets would only give him a week supply at a time. (Mind you, they did not ask to see the dog repeatedly, I just had to go in for the prescriptions)\r\nBeing a pharmacist, I know what these medications cost.\r\n(They are dirt cheap). They charged me a great deal for each 1 week supply. When I asked for a prescription to take to a local pharmacy, they wanted to charge me a fee just for writing the prescription.\r\n\r\nI will never utilize this Clinic again.


    Office staff friendly


    Vet staff uncaring, They are all about the money

  • 13. Good for the Essentials, Bad for Comprehensive Care

    by: Kittyloo22

    If you only take your pet to the veterinarian for basic shots and vaccinations, then this is a good place to go.\r\n\r\nHowever, if you believe that your pet may have other medical conditions or if you would like a vet to take his/her time with your pet to really consider all possible medical issues or treatments, do not take your vet to the West Chestnut Clinic. While the administrative staff is very friendly and accomodating, the doctors are not as gentle or considerate of the animal's condition unless it can be solved quickly.


    Shots and other vaccinations, basic xrays and medicines.


    Not very caring or gentle with animals, in and out too quickly