Chestnut Park Paw Playground

2200 East Lake Road Palm Harbor Tampa
Bay, FL

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Park!

    by: BellaAbbey

    John Cestnut park is Bella and Kobi's favorite park! They have plenty of room to run, sniff, rest, chew on sticks and play. Plus they have 2 water bowles. On either side of the park, which you can dump out and replace with cleaner water whenever you feel nessisary. I love how it is seperated into 2 different sides. Especially because the smaller dogs tend to act different than the larger, (it goes both ways) and you feel more secure knowing if your dog wouldnt be over-run. But on the weekends some people dont always watch thier pets and there are alot of dogs. You have to watch carefully. Some dogs with all the comotion begin to get nervous and lash out. Our puppy Bella (4 months, german sheppard, well known around the park) was being picked on by this other puppy pitbull. The owner would pull it back and re-direct its attention but the puppy kept getting to Bella and it finally got her after a fuew failed attempts. Luckily i was there to pull him off of her. There were minor injuries. But all in all both dogs are fine now and that hasnt happened to us since. Just becareful, And always know where your dog is and what it is doing. At any dog park.


    Dogs seperated by weight. Plenty of room for dogs to play and roam with different environments and no matter where they are you can always see them.


    Gets a little out of hand on the weekends.

  • 2. dogs always look like they are having fun

    by: masaki

    although my dog is not socialable enough to play at the dog park, everytime im at john chesnut i see plently of dogs playing happily in the enclosed area. the only downside is you can not walk your dog around the park, unlike phillipe.


    large fenced area


    can't be outside fenced area