Chesterfield animal control

P.o. box 148 9300 public works road
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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    by: olomragdoll

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE adopt from the Chesterfield County Animal Control Shelter. If you don't the cute little kitty you saw yesterday will die tomorrow. They use most of their budget to euthanize animals and none of it to promote the animals and actually get them adopted. The staff at the front desk is very unfriendly and often rude. The other staff members are scarce to be found and act indifferent (save for the one or two who have actually tried to help me). And to worsen the staff scenario , the county sentences criminals to do community service at the shelter , and you can pretty much guarantee that they don't care.\n\n The staff also does not have much knowledge when it comes to animals , I saved my male kitty from them , I knew he was fixed , but they still insisted that he was not (come on , un-sterilized male cats have something that other cats don't . . . . lol) So they made me pay the $40.00 fee. Even after my vet signed a letter, stating that he was sterilized , I waited for 3 months , and never saw my refund check. The vet sent another one and I complained at the county treasurer , and finally 4 more months later , my check came.\n\nThe shelter overall is unfit and the staff doesn't seem to care otherwise. \n\nMy dog Tiger Lily is a bulldog/wire terrier mix. They had her marked as a Pit Bull. So, when I came to adopt her the lady at the front desk kept asking if I was sure that I wanted to adopt such a dangerous dog. First of all PIT BULLS ARE NOT DANGEROUS!!! secondly , any idiot with half a brain could tell that she is not a pit bull!!\n\n\nPLEASE SAVE THE ANIMALS FROM THIS SHELTER THEY WILL DIE IF YOU DO NOT!!!


    they "now" do not kill puppies born at the shelter, cheap fees,


    not too friendly staff, they are still a killing shelter, the shelter itself could use some reviatalizing