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  • 1. Best dog ever!

    by: StephanieSuzanne

    Many years ago, I lost my first dog to old age. Immediately wanting to find another best friend, my parents and I went out in search of a dog. We went to one shelter and I could not understand why I did not grab one of the adorable puppies. They were so cute and there were so many of them. We drove to this shelter in Chester County and looked through the long rows of dogs. That was when I saw my dog. He was a shy pup at first. A mix between a shepherd and lab, he was little, but with enormous paws. What won me over was his steady look -- right into my eyes. He made eye contact with me and his very spirit seemed to ask me to take him home. He was a bit smelly, but I grabbed him up and we soon took him home. Bear Bear was the most wonderful, sensitive dog I've ever had. He behaved so well. I housetrained him in the snow and when Spring came, it was increasingly hard to find a patch of snow. He had to learn that grass and dirt was an okay alternative! He was a person in a fur coat -- so attentive, so good, so nice. He protected me and I helped give him 12 good years. I'll always remember this organization because they helped me find, truly, the best dog in the world!


    found my best friend