Chester county animal shelter

2714 dawson drive
Chester, SC 29706

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  • 1. Shelter nedds more staff and better organization.

    by: Teritad

    Chester Co. Animal Shelter definitely needs a makeover! I have had a few interactions with Chester Co. Animal Control. They can be very difficult to contact (an actual human that is). You usually have to leave a voice mail msg., which is fine in theory. The thing of it is, no one EVER returns your call. I understand they have a very smal staff and are probably stretched much of the time. But they need help with organization. Someone should be in charge of returning calls every day, during normal working hours. That is common courtesy and goes a long way toward making things easier on everyone. I'm sure it would even make their jobs easier; they my not get as many repeat calls to deal with. Secondly, they need help with communication. The staff should confirm issues have been dealt with. When you don't hear from someone regarding your issue and you still see the same things going on, you have to assume the issue is not resolved. I have not even mentioned the facility itself. It is very small, sparse, damp and could well do with some upgrading. I believe a good staff; that is not stretched to its limits, as well as a much needed updating to this facility would go a long way towards helping the animals of this county.


    The staff I have dealt with in the past, have been courteous and helpful once they are engaged in helping you with your issue.


    Getting in touch with someone @ the shelter can be very difficult; There is not always a human answering the phone.