Cherry Creek State Park

4201 S. Parker Rd.
Aurora, CO

User Reviews (11)

  • 1. My girls love this place!

    by: mlmenadue

    My dogs love going here. They start getting excited as soon as they see it and they know where we're going. There is so much room for them to run and smell new smells and meet other dogs. They love running and swimming in the water. The stream and swimming pond is what puts this place above any others we've been too.


    Large open pasture, water to play in



  • 2. Great fun for dogs and people!

    by: kaisersmom

    My husband and I love taking our dogs to Cherry Creek. There are acres of hiking trails, creeks, and a pond. The dogs love running in this huge open space. Keep in mind that for the dogs that love water, the humans will have to give them a bath when you get home. The diritier they get the more fun they're having!


    Large open spaces, socialization for the dogs.


    Dogs always come home dirty.

  • 3. nice location...ignorant dog owners

    by: mindylove79

    This off leash dog arae is beautiful, and most of the time my dogs have a blast when we go, but on occassions, there are ignorant people there who let their dogs terrorize everybody else all in the name of "fun". The "oh, he's just playing, he always grabs other dogs by the scruff of their necks and tosses them around like's harmless...really" folks, as well as the reverse...the ones who freak our if your dog so much as sniffs their dog...people really need to learn dog behavior and identify doggy body language before they attempt to bring their pets out to this kind of environment. Everybody would be safer and the dog park would be MUCH more enjoyable. Oh, and if people would clean up after their pets, that wouold be cool too.


    when there are good dogs, nice park


    when there are ignorant dog owners...horrible park

  • 4. fun once you get in

    by: lizgrogger

    My dogs have only visited this park a couple of times, because although the park is noce-trails running along the creek and through the fields-the driveway is full of ruts. We don't have a truck or SUV, and we HATE having to brave the potholes to get in. The facilities for humans are nonexistant too.


    creekside trails



  • 5. natural setting

    by: Bernergirl

    This is a lovely park where your dog can roam free. People must be sure to pick up after their dogs though. Also, if your dog is aggressive, learn to control him or keep him on a leash.




    irresponsible owners

  • 6. Lots of Dogs and Too Many Irresponsible Owners

    by: Cassie3

    The biggest problem is irresponsible owners who don't even attempt to control their aggressive dogs. There's no use asking them to use a leash--because they don't bring a leash. Plus, very few pick up poop--the stench is something you will NOT forget. \n\nI stopped taking my dog there.


    Trees, creek, open spaces, other doggies!


    Irresponsible owners; few pick up poop; MUCK FEST after rain/snow; park pass

  • 7. A Water Dogs Paradise

    by: taray6

    Bailey loves this park! The large open space enables her to run, fetch, swim, and play with many other dogs.


    Shallow and deep swimming areas, tall grass to run through, large open space park, always parking available


    The walking trails can get very muddy, but you can always make a new path

  • 8. We love going here

    by: Raddie

    We enjoy taking our dogs here because they get to meet new dogs every time and to them it is a natural habitat.


    nice swimming hole for dogs lots of trees and wilderness for dogs to run through


    some agressive dogs runing around owners dont do anything about it

  • 9. We love going here

    by: greathoundhome

    This is the most beautiful dog park. It has open pastures to run, a swimming hole, and woods to romp thru. However; if you are like me and have bloodhounds that don't have the best recall, you may want to rethink visiting here. There are no fences.


    It is a beautiful setting


    have to have a parks pass or pay a fee

  • 10. I hate to give away this secret

    by: pamdenver

    my dogs LOVE walking here. It is beautiful and very large with a stream for water when it is hot. Bring your boots in the winter and rainy season\r\n


    off leash with plenty of trails


    far to drive and muddy

  • 11. Very nice Park - Lots of room to run

    by: Dmac

    We love the Cherry Creek Dog Park. There is a lot of space to run and play as well as a small creek and swimming hole in the area. If you drop down into the lower section, you can walk along the creek - view birds, frogs, crawfish, and sometimes snakes (be careful). The sand is great for playing and the dogs love the water. My best friend's Great Dane caught a fish in the swimming hole.\r\n\r\nOn the top side there are walking trails and lots of room to run. The horse stable is near the area too - which is interesting for the dogs. You do need to be sure your dog will return when you call because the park is not fenced in at all.


    Very Large Park with a Creek and Swimming Hole


    No fence at all