Chequamegon humane association, inc.

405 old airport road
Ashland, WI 54806
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Good Folks

    by: lambrhondal

    It is good to read that the people who work here are caring and take the best care of the animals that they can. Sadly, this shelter is in the same condition that the majority of animal shelters are. Ours legally meets the definition of shelter but it is really a holding facility that ends most of the time with euthanasia.


    Caring workers


    Shelter status?

  • 2. Great staff, desperate for new facility

    by: JewelVT

    The people make this shelter a great place, but the facility is anything but great. Having adopted three of my pets from this facility and being a volunteer, I have been impressed by the knowledgable staff, how clean it is, that the animals are exercised twice a day and how much the staff can accomplish with so little. These people truly care for the animals at the shelter and it shows. I have seen many shelters in different parts of the country ... this shelter is the most needy I have seen.


    Helpful, experienced staff, very clean


    desperately need new facility

  • 3. Jena's Review

    by: JenaWo

    The CHA truly goes above and beyond the call of animal sheltering. From the different backgrounds and combined knowledge of the staff, it is the animals that benefit. Each worker brings his or her efforts to help the shelter, whether it be giving better care to the animals, organizing a volunteer program, or promoting fund-raising events. \r\n\r\nIn the past couple years, the CHA has really been active in the community and has succeeded in raising public awareness of humane animal treatment and responsible pet ownership. They are always more than willing to answer questions and are helpful in recommending particular pets that may fit the lifestyle of the new adoptors. Every effort is taken to get the CHA adoptables into a loving home whether it be adding pictures on petfinder, listing profiles in the paper, or posting pictures and flyers around town. \r\n\r\nStaff and volunteers make it their duty to give the animals the best care possible. From the kennels to the countertops, everything is always clean and organized appropriately. Contrary to other shelters, the CHA cats are let out during open hours and allowed to socialize with other cats, guests, and occassionaly a canine friend. This has help to reduce stress and boredom in the cats and has also helped with fixing behavioral problems. The dogs are walked multiple times throughout the day and outdoor kennels are avaliable for social play. Toys are switched on a daily basis for enrichment and stimulation. Training, although mainly done by volunteers, not only helps make the dogs more adoptable, but also helps keep thier minds active and interested. \r\n\r\nThe CHA is a great place to help pets find their forever homes. It has truly come a long way


    awesome staff, clean facilities, great animal care


    out-dated facilities

  • 4. Caring Staff and Volunteers, but needs lots of Help!

    by: Tinahan

    This shelter is full of loving, caring people, but unfortunately that is not enough to keep the drywall on the walls, and doors in their hinges. When I say the place is falling apart, I mean that very literally. There are a few places were the seams in the wall are cracked enough to see outside, and the staff is always making makeshift repairs here and there to keep the kennels functional. And all too often dogs are able to break out of the kennels because they are falling apart. It is not safe and I fear that one day a dog will get hit by a car.\nHowever, the place may be falling apart, but the love and care and time put into the animals is well spent. The cats and dogs are given lots of personal attention and are observed very closely so none "slip through the cracks". Medical problems are caught and dealt with early, as well as behavioral problems. It is a great place to find a happy, healthy animal.


    Staff and volunteers are very caring and do the best they can with what they have, it is kept as clean as possible, all of the animals get exercised twice a day.


    The place is literally falling apart, the facility needs lots of TLC.